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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Things are growing

My 2nd cucumber,
 I'm not letting them get too big there are so many on the plant. 
Small fruit harvest
We are missing out on strawberries, most have been ate by wildlife,
we don't mind sharing our harvest, but this year they have been greedy. 
So we went shopping, I will put the strawberry plants in trough's, I have two , they will be placed in front of the raspberries, slightly sunk with loads of drainage,  so it should stay looking much the same, just the fruits will hang over the sides and some will be left for us to eat. Later this summer I will work on my little fruit bed.
 Few other things from my needed list came home with us.
The little plant is for a project I am planning. 
I have started sewing together, picking the hexagons from the box is helping me get the random look. I have a long way to go, but it is fun (sorry to my sister who won't be getting my stash of hexagons) I am glad I did not sew some of the thicker fabrics, this design won't allow me to mix them. 
It was the correct decision to bring this collection in, 
a lovely flower has appeared. Spider plant is doing well, 
still not sure about the Lime plant, but I hoping for new growth. 
I am about to fly through the house with a duster, my brother is coming to stay later this week, so a quick tidy is necessary.
We had more rain in the night (should we be looking at plans to build a boat), every where is looking really good, plants lush and full of growth. Our part of the UK is normally dry, this year we have had loads of really wet days, fortunately not enough in one go to cause flooding, but now we need the sun so we can enjoy the work done in our garden.
I don't think I will get in the garden today, even if it dries, the ground under foot is very wet, I wanted to weed Win's garden, she is coming home on Tuesday, with alot of help (most paid for herself), she should be able to manage for a while.
Lovely hubby is really happy his beloved Wales has won their football match and is still in The European competition. So a good weekend here in Hampshire.
It is sad to see so much worry and anger after last weeks vote, it was interesting to hear an out voter saying on TV he hoped he had done the right thing. Regardless of your vote, and I wanted to stay in, what is done can't be undone, so we have to go forward and make the best of the choices. So positive thoughts, we are British, we are good in a crisis, not that we are there yet.


  1. Nice to hear your positivity in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. I feel much the same way. Only time will tell what will happen. Not sure we'll be holidaying abroad this year, as I'm not too sure of how we will be received in EU countries at present.

    The feelings I have picked up on in London so far, amongst the many nationalities that live here that I have come into contact with since the vote, are essentially ones of extreme disappointment and shock. Some EU workers here are already considering quitting Britain, feeling they are not wanted here. I can't blame them. I would probably feel the same in their position.

    It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds over the next few months. Hopefully speculation will calm down and people will be reassured over time.

  2. Wow Cucumbers already, my big ones never grew, I just have one mini munch variety, I love your little cacti display.

  3. Your cucumbers are ahead of ours, mine are just forming, I am growing mini munches this year haven't tried them before. Lovely to see your hexies coming together, I was an out vote and have no regrets, yes we are good in a crisis and also take well to change things will calm down, life will go on.

  4. veg, fruit and plants are looking good, so is the patchwork
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Pretty patchwork and impressed by the size of your cucumbers. Have a good visit with your brother xx


  7. Great cucumber and berries!



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