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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Home alone

I added loads of soil and food to this bed, which has raised the level and hopefully given new life here, my aim is a cottage garden, I have marigolds for along the front in the greenhouse, they are still a bit small for now. I love the look of my chimney pot at the end, the fuchsia is getting bigger and should tumble over the side. 
 Most of the plants I have added have been passed on to me or swapped, we have a few good growers in work, I sprinkle loads of seeds here last month, there are seedling coming through, mainly at the back of the plot. 
 This is a new view, from the green house, these side panels are not glass but perspex, they form the curve from the side to the roof. I have a few jobs to do in here today, whilst the rain falls.
My main job is to re-pot these seven Orchids, I've had the compost for ages. 
 My cucumber has grown loads in the past week, here taken last weekend, shown in the last photo, it has grown at least 14" and I now have 2 cucumbers forming, I am really pleased already with the progress of the contents of this green house. 
I has rained loads in the night, which was promised, so all my little gardens (plus Win's) have had a good soaking, we have has one quick storm since I have been up, it's stopped now, but it's not clearing up at all. It is a pity for hubby sake, he is our on his motorbike with his son's they are doing 'The Ride of Respect' together for the first time.
I have been home alone this weekend, it's been busy, after gardening I had lunch out with youngest daughter yesterday, catching up on gossip which was fun. Later a friend popped in and we had a lovely hour in my garden drinking coffee and loads of chatter. After I finished pottering in the garden until about 7.30pm,  I watched on catch up Chelsea Flower Show, for 90 minutes and then read my book. This morning after a lazy lie in again reading my book, I have housework to do, then I will be in the greenhouse.
This evening I will make a meal for hubby when he gets in, already I have made a Spanish omelet.
Can anyone tell me why my post after I press publish is being delayed for on average 8 hours.


  1. Sorry, I can't help about the post being delayed, I haven't heard of that happening before. It sounds like you've had an enjoyable weekend pottering in the garden, the rain won't stop you getting things done now that you have your greenhouse.

  2. Hi can't help wth the delay of posting either, sorry.
    Inside gardening happening on our plot to, DH has sorted out his greenhouse during the wet day whilst I've read and stitched.
    Hope your DH had a good ride.

  3. How very regarding the late posting! No gardening here as the rain has been torrential but the garden is more than happy! Sounds like you had a lovely time in your garden x

  4. A lovely time alone! I find that if I schedule a post for about 5 minutes after I have written it then it appears - well, I think it does! - so that is what I do. So frustrating otherwise!

  5. Garden looks lovely, your cucumbers are much further on than mine. No idea about the post delaying thing sorry.

  6. Check and see if, somehow, you have changed the time of posting.

    I know thee is somewhere that you can change the time you post from immediately to any time in the future.

  7. I have no idea why you are having the delay. It does sound like you had a lovely time doing things that make you happy.

  8. I am so impressed with your greenhousery. The orchids are impressive - I systematically murder every one I ever get. It's not intentional, so I could get orchidslaughter instead.... The posh garden centre near me is having an orchid day next weekend. You get to meet the orchid doctor and for three whole pounds he will repot your orchid. THREE QUID! You could make a fortune Marlene!



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