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Saturday, 18 June 2016

All potty

Can you please help me
I don't know what this plant is, I had loads of seeds I threw into this bed, and stupidly I got rid of all the packets. I am hoping it's not a weed, because the leaves are so pretty. 
 My Hosta has gone mad this summer,
 it's under our Magnolia tree and at the moment slug free.
The saucer on top is a bird bath full of water. 
My Thyme is loving the chimney pot, the soil is free draining which the plant loves.  
 Another chimney pot,
I normally get white flowers, but decided on a change this season.
 Growing from seeds and pips
A couple of melon seeds shooting 
and an orange pip also shooting. 
It's so pleasing to see so many bee's in the garden, 
this path by the greenhouse is now Bumble Alley
 I have brought one pot back inside
This little arrangement is far too pretty to stay in the green house. 

We are going to pop out soon, a walk to the village, we did not get to the gala, it looked like rain, but it did stay dry. We have been outside all day so far, no real work to do just a bit of trimming back.
Looking forward to a few lazy hours, then out much later.....

Paula, Toad in the Hole as done by BBC


  1. Everything looks so pretty and nice dear friend.

  2. Your plants are blooming well. DH is the gardener in this house and I just asked him what your plant is, he recognises the leaves but cane remember what it is.

  3. The hosta looks fab, the mystery plant looks familiar think we have to wait until there is a flower unless some-one can recogonise the leaves love bumble bee ally :-)

  4. I'm not sure what your mystery plant is, it doesn't look like a weed though, does it? I'm sure it will all become apparent once it flowers. Your hosta is looking fabulous.

  5. The leaves on your mystery plant look a bit like a Dicentra (Bleeding Heart). It will be interesting to know what it is...
    Best wishes

  6. Ny animal hilight for the summer has been a GORGEOUS Yellow winged butterfly . . . it was HUGE and one I have never, ever seen before.

    We have three hanging pots of geraniums on the front porch. I am hoping that some humming birds find them. Last night a bee was having a great time searching for pollen in the flowers.



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