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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Catching up

Not baubles,
but something to cheer me up
This is very pretty
 With the fabric I shall use to make it into a small cushion, 
its a German design and a quickie for me
I will get back to the last six baubles
 Some more bulbs for my garden, these are going to be added to the garden along the side wall in front of my garage, the Lily is late but it was 50p from the pound shop, worth taking a chance on. These were purchased a couple of weekends ago.
 The roots on my hyacinth, are doing well, the second one is not growing much, 
Sam's is as good as this.  
 A new Orchid, at £5 a cheap way to have flowers, this will last for weeks.
 My Avocado shots are growing, I think more leaves.
 Hubby got me two poppies, the Union Jack will stay on my coat, and the red poppy is for my jumper each day. These came from Royal British Legion.
I tried to pre book to purchase two of the poppies surrounding The Tower of London, but they have all been sold, as yet we have not been to see them and as time is running out, I fear we will not get time.
I am not in work today, I have a sore throat and a cough, enough to give me a permanent head ache, I think Logan left it behind last weekend, and with the worry of my brother, I am feeling a bit down.
So after a lazy morning, I am going to stitch, I'm OK whilst I am not doing much, as soon as I walk about, every thing hurts, hubby is playing golf and will be home later, he will fuss and ensure I am OK. We had planned to go out for a meal last night, but I passed on that and enjoyed a nice piece of fish from the fish and chip shop.


  1. I have had bulbs from the pound shop and they flourished, I also have a orchid but all the flowers died off after a few months, not sure whether the stems should be cut back? do you know much about them x

  2. My hyacinth's are coming on well and putting down roots, I have the sitting in the barn but will bring them indoors in a few weeks.
    I am sure the lily will do well, its still fairly mild.

  3. Love the little piece you are working on!

  4. Thankyou Marlene so much for your advice on the orchid x lol Marlene x

  5. I love it when it is "Buddy" Poppy time her in the US . . . When the Veterans who sell them thank me for my donation, I thank them for their service . . it always gets to them and I get the biggest smiles in return.

    The growth on your plant is looking good.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. I too have bulbs that I need to plant out.

  7. Hope you're feeling better :( love the Poppy brooches. I got one (the original blingy one when they first came out) and I really like it but feel the need for a new one. Your sewing is fab as always :) love the idea of your books - which company do you use?



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