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Friday, 3 October 2014

So many pretty things

I popped to the village today, I wanted some ribbons and our local shop has a good selection, all these are purchased off the reel, so you get as much as you need, Plus a couple pieces of fabric came home with me. 
 More baubles, these are really quick to stitch and I am using retro colours. 
The wet ring around the top right one is Fray check, it's like water, I dribble it around my stitching and when it is dry I can cut it out. 
 Here is a basic test run for my cards, the sign is just one I found in my stash, 
I printed this myself.
It does have the effect I am looking for. 
 I had some tiny wooden cotton reels left over from another project (purchase from The Range) and wanted to make a tree hanger, I used some ribbon I got today, only small amounts requires and a few colours from my DMC range, not bad for a first attempt.
 I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden, the corner of the decking next to the herb garden is looking good again. Every thing is planted, and double watered, Sam  was here and wanted to help. He was surprised how many of our green tomatoes had turned red, and another small bowl full found it's way into our fridge. 
 I wanted a different lunch today, so I got a fresh roll for myself and a apple doughnut. On the way home one of our cafes had a sign for fresh soup. So I raided my cupboard, Weight Watcher Carrot and Basil, left over from last winter, cost of my lunch £1.02.
It has been another warm sunny day here, but every thing is about to change, tomorrow, colder, wet and windy, so we have decided not to have the day out on the bike, every thing at the National Arboretum is outside, so if we get wet, there nowhere to go to get dry and warm, hubby is disappointed, but we will tomorrow visit my brother Martin and the travel on to Wales on Sunday morning.
Evening in tonight I hope to stitch another bauble, I will take stitching away with me, and a book, hope to get plenty of relaxation and rest.
The design I was trying to track down here it was published in a German book Advent im Winterwald (Advent in the Winter Forest), it is very hard to get hold of, but I have tracked the designs down and it in my pile to stitch.  


  1. Before I go any further . . I LOVE Fray Check . . . I have been known to use it on clothing to keep a hole from expanding or a hem from fraying.

  2. Lovely goodies you came home with, including the cake!



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