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Monday, 13 October 2014

A useful post

I want to show you all these, Wilkinson Sword long handled cutters.
Purchased from The Range.
 We had our tree cut back last October, and there has been loads of new growth, 
so we thought this year we would  trim it ourselves, we saw these cutters online and purchased them locally. They were a joy to use, both hubby and I had a go, we trimmed all the new growth.
I treated it like a tall shrub, we are not sure if it's the best shape, but we can do a bit more in early spring to keep the tree in a nice shape. 
The cutting blade was perfect. 

 So if you need a set of long handled cutters, I would really recommend these.
Our garden now looks great. 
 I dead headed all the flowers from my potmum, there are loads of buds inside the plant, in a weeks time it will look great again. As yet I have not cut back the raspberry canes, they are still a bit green. I have planted my garlic, in the front of my herb bed, so every thing is done for now. 
Just two of my pots, 
The new cyclamen flowers purchased this year, there are loads of buds showing.
Plus the ones found from last year, planted a bit late, but I am hoping for flowers on them.  
Hubby purchased some newer bird feeders, which he has already hung, so after a dull but dry Autumn afternoon, it's great the garden is looking so good, each year it just keeps getting better. I have so much joy from this little garden, and each year it's so pleasing to see how much I can grow.
Sam has taken his bulb home, daddy has the instructions, I hope his grows.
Last night I did loads of stitching, getting on with my baubles, I would love to have these finished before starting something else, but my little project of the girl pulling the sledge, is calling......


  1. The tree looks great, you've done a good job with it. Your garden is looking fabulous, it's so tidy, hard to believe it's autumn.

  2. Your garden looks so nice Marlene and even at this time of the year :)



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