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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Just stitching

This was earlier in the week
 Here as at last night
If I can do a set of six per week, I will be happy.
I had tired eyes last night, so I skipped the lilac one.
I saw these in The Range last weekend, packs of 5, 5 for £1
These are perfect for the front of my Christmas cards.
Later I am going to purchase some natural linen to stitch my winter lady on, I have loads of plans on how I will make her up. I am sure a few extra things will fall into my basket, then all I have to do is wait for them to arrive.

My new job is going well, Goodness how many times have I said that. The important thing is I work with grown ups, I have never held a position at a Solicitor's, they all have their own secretaries, so no typing, loads of collating of notes and copying of papers, the main thing is I don't need to read much, so I don't get involved.  It's a bit strange working over two sites, one is very Corporate and the other family, both are really different, but both are fun, the Corporate is very glam, and the family is more friendly. I will have to dress up twice a week, and the other three days are just office smart.
Tonight I was finally able to park on our own drive, our neighbours will be re-leaved, two extra cars parked on the road for so long, parking around our home is a nightmare, hence us paying for the dropped curb, stops people parking in front of our drives.
Hubby is back cooking tea, I can smell our gammon roasting, we are planning to make it last two nights, it was one of the bigger gammon's we had in the freezer. I do love it when I don't have to cook.
We had some family news which is not good for one of my older brothers, he is a very private person, and we are trying to help him, life is going to get tough soon, more sadness to come.


  1. life is full of ups and downs, your stitching is looking great and I admire your perseverance, I struggle with repeative work and know I would not manage to do stitching like that.

  2. Your cards will look grand :)

  3. Your making great progress Marlene.


  4. Can you show us your cards when they are done x

  5. I'll never forget your name, I am also called Marlene x

  6. This is going to look very nice when you finish it. Lovely colors.
    Mini smiles, Conny



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