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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Finishes and double shopping

It's finished, and I love it
so much I have found another design to stitch
 18 baubles done
I won't do any more, we found another deal on photo Christmas cards and I have purchased 20, just have to sit with Kev and choose the photo's of our grandsons to use, at £8.99 for 20, they are a good price, and easier to post. 
 Adding to my stash, after so much moaning we do not have a local sewing and craft shop, one opened last month. Today Fliss and I popped in to check it out, stunning things, loads to buy, one small upset, they only have Anchor threads, and I have always used DMC, my stash is too huge to swap now. Fliss gave me the bottom fabric, we both think it would be great to over stitch the designs.
 We also went to the Clark's outlet store, looking for winter shoes for work, the brown shoes are perfect for what I require, and a saving of £20 per pair. The black ones fell into my basket, well they are very comfortable. At £39.99 per pair not cheap, but I find Clark's shoes last years, so over a few years they become much more cost effective.
Quick look at my Orchids, 1st photo, shows my new purchase and behind a plant with two new growth shoots, 2nd photo from the down stairs bathroom window sill, it's a sunny spot here, but not always warm, they need light more than warmth. I was give a tip years ago, once the flowers have gone, treat them mean, and they will grow new shoots, it always works for me, I get at least 3 to 4 sets of flowers from each plant.

We have been invited to a firework party tonight, won't be out too long, it's been a busy day, and I am itching to get stitching.
I have also finished adding all my post to my book 2013, I now have to check each page twice, once to tidy it and check spelling and then a final proof read, I hope to be able to send it to the printers by next weekend.
Tomorrow I would like an hour in the garden and then get my sewing machine out and make a few small cushions. I have a couple of secret projects I am working on, can't show them on here, but I hope soon to finish them and post them.
Tomorrow the weather will turn colder, and work towards a normal Autumn level rather than the warm temperatures of recent days, so the plan is more inside days.
After our trip to Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays today, I think I will doing alot of our Christmas shopping on line, it was mad, so full of people, I hate the shopping frenzy of this time of year.


  1. What a shame over the threads, when i opened the shop I trialed a small selection of both brands to see what people prefered, DMC won hands down, so we got the whole selection in, if you want any threads let me know we are selling them off at 60p each for the stranded cotton, I will be setting up to sell online whne the shop has closed.

    I love your little german cross stitch its come out great.

  2. We don't have much money but I will buy clarks, they do last, you get what you pay for and they are more fashionable now also. I have took you advice on my orchid, thankyou.

  3. Love, love, love that little cross stitch design, so pretty... thank you for visiting my blog I read back on yours and see you visited Porthcawl, my home town where I visit at least once a year.. I was born there and grew up there, although I live in England now, I always think of Wales as home!
    Happy stitching
    Chris x

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the brown shoes. Not a black shoe person or would LOVE them too :)

    Good buys :)

  5. The little girl with sleigh is so pretty, just beautiful. I bought Clarks sandals this year, they were £60 so I ummed and ahhed a bit over them but I'm so pleased I got them in the end as they've been so comfortable and they'll last years. I have three orchids, two of them have just sent up new flower spikes. One of them was a gift from a friend last year but I've had the other for about six years now. It's usually in flower for Christmas so it doesn't look as though this year will be any different.

  6. Love the sewing Marlene as always :) great news on the shop but shame about the threads. Totally agree about Clarks shoes - ye cannae beat them!



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