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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Half way

Yesterday was 999 day in Fareham town centre
They have this event every year
Both Sam and Josh enjoyed all the vehicles
 A blast from the past, there were loads of old vehicles as well as vehicles from USA, and loads of motor bikes. We were luck it stayed dry, we went for lunch afterwards and then the afternoon at home, just chilling, no house work.
 My plants are doing well, just one photo.

2nd six are now finished, that's half way, 
these are easy enough to be able to enjoy stitching them.
 I did start on my Christmas fabric, the fabric is woven too loose to do French Knots, but I can still add to it, this was very quick to do, the star has loads of small cross stitches.
Later today I am going to Haskins a large Garden centre, which has now all their Christmas stuff out, it is also next to Hobbycraft, so a perfect shopping trip, with Fliss and Cat, both stitchy and crafty we should have some fun. I am also being chased by Su to give hints for my birthday present, so I will send her a couple of photo's and allow her to choose what to get me. Su was going to come, but is out to lunch with MIL and FIL, they are off soon to their warm winter retreat, lucky things, 5 months in the sun.
I am having a very lazy weekend, the house could do with a clean, but it can wait, nowhere is ever that dirty, now I am back to work, hubby is doing the laundry and ironing, he's happier at home ironing than out today with us.


  1. Those old time police cars are neat. And the Christmas ornaments are coming along so quickly.

    The plants look great and I am jealous that you are going to have an afternoon of "crafting."

  2. That old police car reminds me of Z Cars. I hope you had a good time at the garden centre, how fortuitous that it's next to Hobbycraft.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun packed weekend.



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