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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

South Wales

Guess where we have been for the past few days.
 As part of hubbies birthday celebrations 
we wanted a few days back in his homeland of South Wales,
 I love Porthcawl, we had a perfect afternoon here.
A couple of Arty shots !
 The rest of the time was spent in the Brecon National Park.
 Stunning, beautiful
 Blaen y Glyn Falls, we had a pleasant walk through the woods to the falls, 
after the past few night's rain the falls lived up to their expectations. 
 Craig-y-Nos Castle, our hotel for the break
It is in fact a Victorian Folly full of loads of stone, and carved wood.
We had a room in the courtyard.
This location is a work in progress, we took the tour and once off the ground floor and public area's, the castle inside has been left derelict, it had been used as a Polio hospital in 1940-50's, and most of the fabric of the building had been ripped out. The owners have to earn the money to complete the restoration, they estimate they require another 3 million.  
 The Theatre, the only place with the original fittings, work has been done in here, but only to stop the decay. The house was purchased by Adelina Patti, who shared it with her partner whilst waiting for her 1st marriage to be annulled by the Pope, which took seven years, back in the late 1800's. She was a singer and actress, this was her hide away.
 From the roof, look at the sky, weather wise we were very lucky.
 I did manage to do a bit of stitching, just a few of the baubles required for my Christmas cards, I have decided to sew all the baubles the same design, I have to infill these with the gold thread. It is much quicker to stitch the same design and by using the different colours I hope they will not become boring. I will start the gold sewing tonight, the final of the British Bake off is on, so I hope I won't make any counting errors.
We were very lucky, it rained heavy most nights, but the days were dry and not too cold. We did spend a nice evening with one of Kev's mates from his time in The Welsh Guards. It was lovely to hear them catch up and gossip, they are part of a Facebook page so they do converse often. We brought home a huge pile of home made Welsh Cakes,  we have been nibbling on them for the past two days, and still we have loads left.
I manage to purchase my gold, with white backed card for the Christmas cards, this will increase the cost of the cards to just over 50p each, but they should look much better. I also got a few bits and bobs for use later.
Paula, Cwtch is a Welsh word for cuddle up, I know you would ask!


  1. You were so close you could have popped in for a cuppa :-) so glad you got some of the nice weather we have been having.

  2. Looks like a fun trip Marlene. I like your ornaments.




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