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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stitching ahead

Another design from Pintrest
 I am hoping these have a retro look, I will have to make 30 using the colours below
They are quick to sew, unless you are watching the British Bake off
in that case you make a counting error and waste almost an hours stitching.
I will use Fray Check and cut each one out.
 When we were out on Sunday at Hillier Gardens,
I had a mission to take a nice photo to use on this years Christmas cards
I have chosen this one
I am hoping Groupon will have a deal, where I can purchase 30 prints, last year they had them for about £6, much cheaper than using my own printer ink. 
 The aim is to use the photo on the front of the card, add a cut out sewn bauble and a sign 'Merry Christmas', both to hang off the branch, I will have two small green wires and make it look as real as I can. The hope is for each card to cost under 30p.
I am megga early on this project, but whilst I am off work I can get ahead, because as we all know the big day will creep up on us.
On another project, I was looking for childhood photo's  and found this one of Steve (Logans dad) and Fliss (Josh and Sam's mum), taken at Bristol Zoo about 1987, how cute!
Like Logan and Sam, Steve is just a few months older than Fliss. 
This morning I want to work in the garden, the plants I purchased with Sam are still waiting to go in, and with the weekend fore caste of loads of rain, it's a job I need to do today.  Later I will pick Josh and Sam from school and bring them back for tea.
I am also working on a couple of small project's which I am not able to show here, Paula, hoping to get a parcel to you soon.
We are away on two trips this weekend and early next week, The Ride to the Wall event is happening on Saturday, we have booked to go, but with the rain it might be a problem on the bike and every thing is outside. On Sunday we are heading into Wales, hubby's birthday treat, we could not get his birthday weekend so rather than change to location we decided to go later. We are both looking forward to the break.


  1. Enjoyed my catch up read after my hols.... you'be been busy.
    Great idea for your hand made Christmas card, what a special thing for your family and friends.

  2. I have never tried card making seriously, the one and only time I was let loose with a glue gun the only things that got stuck together were my fingers.

  3. Love your ornaments Marlene.




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