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Monday, 20 October 2014

That's huge

I love these gold glass baubles, I have another set in silver as well.
 These are huge, I purchased three of them,
not glass, but still very me
I think I now have enough for my new larger tree.
 A few craft bits I can show you here, 
I want to make some handmade baubles for the tree, 
these six are a good price and with the snow effect they have a nice texture. 
The buttons will not be hung on the tree, these will be used on parcel wrap.
 This little bird house will find it's way into my shed, it is just too cute. 
Daughter, Su set me a task to find myself a birthday present from her, I have sent to her a photo of a nice bug house for my garden. I found it very hard to find any thing, I have de-cluttered so much, and with my new way of thinking, I don't want loads back. 
I did get loads more items, most as gifts for Christmas, which can't be shown here.
I did a little stitching last night, slowly I am getting these done.
This week I have to spend time on my book 2013, I have about 10 post to sort, then a tidy up, proof read. One last check and off to be printed. I am on a time scale, hubby is buying this for my birthday present, at £50 the books are not cheap, but I do love them. 
We enjoyed a nice cream tea whilst out shopping, the garden center was packed, every one had the same idea, I also manage to purchase a few more spring bulbs, photo's next time. They were selling the glass bulb holders, for £1.99, which makes mine purchase at 50p a real bargain. 
Last night we stayed in, it was a pleasant evening, Fliss is knitting a scarf and got loads done. 
Busy day at work today, I was in the office I prefer, can't say why I prefer it, both sites and the people who work there are great, but the smaller office is just a much nicer pace. 


  1. I have been thinking about spring bulbs, I must get some. I am looking forward to seeing your handmade baubles.

  2. You are so organised!
    What a sparkly bauble.

  3. OOo so sparkly! Love all your baubles they look lovely.



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