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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


This is coming along well, no stitching tonight, I am out soon for coffee with Su
Plus of course the gossip to go with the coffee
From last weekend, our own Fireman Sam
and his big brother Josh
 It has been a very busy week so far, work is going so very well, already they are giving better task to do, and enhancing my role, I am enjoying working at both offices. Today we had training on money laundering, the law is very interesting, at my level I only need to be aware of it, loads of things to think about. Tomorrow I will be in court all day, taking notes, after I can decide if it is something I might like to do again. I have been in a court doing jury service, so it will be again interesting to see the court experience from another angle.

I have been in a reflective mood this week, we have had oldest daughter Fliss with us for three weeks, and we have settled into a family routine again, we do not see as much as we would like of Fliss, each day after work she pops into see both Josh and Sam (hubby would not leave the home, and forced Fliss into leaving) we are still really close to both boys.
One of the main changes we have made is with our food, Fliss has to eat Gluten free foods, at first we thought this would be expensive and awkward, but in fact  as we check our foods we are finding more which can be used for all of us. Bread is the main difference, Fliss has her own, Kev has a small loaf for him, and I don't bother. We all love rice, rice noodles and jacket potatoes, we do have separate pasta's,  we stopped using pre-made sauces, so no change there, I have got some gluten free flour and we are starting to bake, most of the time we make gluten free for all of us, and not noticing much difference. For me I am feeling much better, I have problem eating refined white flour, so pastries and pies have been off the menu for ages.

I have done some more to my book, but still have a few more post to add, and then editing, it does not matter how many times I check, I can always find a small mistake after the book is printed. I will start 2014 in January after we have replaced this computer.

We have a busy weekend coming up, Sam will be 4 on Saturday, and Logan is staying with us and going to the birthday party. Sunday we will travel back to Somerset, take Logan home and then visit my brothers Martin and Mel, Mel has been unwell and is staying at Martin's house.


  1. I can't believe how much Josh has grown. It really shows up in this close-up.

    How many Chrstmas ornaments are you planning on making?

  2. Ahh, looks at those lovely smiles. Glad to hear that the job is going well. I had to have regular money laundering training when I worked (for a bank) and always found it so interesting, especially the case studies. I've never been in a courtroom, I think I'd find that interesting too.

  3. Hope your time in court went well.
    The boys looks wonderful.



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