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Thursday, 9 October 2014

It's over

I did the infilling last night to two baubles,
whilst watching British Bake off, we wanted Richard to win, 
but was happy to see Nancy get the top spot.
 I have used the golden thread purchased last year from Masson Mills, it is thinner than the DMC thread, so it gives texture, and also the retro look I am seeking. 
So all the details of the card is now coming together, 
all I require is loads of these baubles. 
 My Avocado plant has grown loads in the past few days, this photo does not show the colours in the leaves, they are beautiful, I know it is unlikely I will ever have fruits from this plant, far too cold in UK, but it's fun to see how far I can take it.
 Another shot for height.
The Lime and Lemon plants are slower, 
but both are happily growing in the sunshine behind glass.  
 I purchased a couple of garden items, the seeds are for the outside, they will be planted early next year, I'm looking to fill the gaps in my side garden. The Hyacinth are for the house, I followed Win's practise and planted all my bulbs in the garden, she has a nice show each spring. I will find a pot later and get these growing.
I have good growth on my Amaryllis, which is now in our sitting room, it will be nice to see another flower from it this year. My Orchid in the sitting room has started to drop it's flowers, but I have two plants which have each a growing stem for new flowers, it will be a while yet before they will be ready to bloom, but the promise is there.
We have had a storm over night, loads of wind and rain, all good for the garden, I think we returned from Wales at the right time, no damage in the garden and now the sun is trying to come through. Last night we were cold and thought we would have the heating on for an hour, our downstairs is open plan, but whilst the boiler worked the radiators stayed cold, handy to find this out now, so the engineer is coming tomorrow.
Later today I am popping out to lunch with a friend, and then picking Sam and Josh up from School, so a busy day, but loads of fun, no plans just see what they want to do and Pizza for tea.
As for my title, my time at home is coming to an end, I start back at work on Monday, part of me thinks, darn! but it will be nice to have my own money and with Christmas coming the extra pennies will come in handy. I have a role at a local solicitors covering their admin work, just a simple role which allows me no stress. Their benefits are great, I will have five weeks holiday each year, which is one week more than normal, it will help once Kev finished work next year. I am hoping this will be my final job, just a couple of years and I can give it all up.

PS, here comes the rain again.

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  1. Pretty stitching and I can not believe how much the avocado has grown!



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