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Friday, 17 October 2014

Pick and mix

Hope to do the rest of the shinny gold infills tonight
 But this is on my pile, I have ordered the linen to stitch to use with this, I am thinking I might enhance some of the design, I want to fill one tree with French knots, matching the colours on the fabric, to raise the tree, and maybe add some shinny threads. 
 My roses from last week should last the weekend, 
The flowers have all gone from my Orchid, so these are the only pretty flowers left.
My Amaryllis is still growing well, but no flower stalk as yet.
 For the first time I have not cut back all the seed heads in my flower beds, watching Gardeners world, Monty Don suggested they be left on some for the birds and some to reseed next year, I'll try anything once.
 My Lemon and Lime plants have slowed down the growth, but they are green and healthy. I read on internet, you should snip out the growing tip on the Avocado, so I have done mine, it had six huge leaves and two smaller ones, just waiting to see what it does next.
As we are thinking about Christmas, I saw this on Pintrest, it is so true.
I'm glad it's the weekend, it has been a busy week, last couple of days at work were good, I am beginning to understand what my role is, alot of the time I am left to myself, just to get on with things. Most of the work is easy, you just have to ensure nothing gets mixed up or lost. 
Looking forward to having my hair cut tomorrow, it has got a bit long, and on Sunday we are off to Haskins, they have their Christmas stuff on sale. Fliss and Su are coming as is a good friend, shou;d be loads of laughter. 


  1. The ornaments look great Marlene.


  2. I will never tire of your sewing creations. Love the christmas sign :) have a lovely weekend



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