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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Stitch, knit and eat

Santa is stitched
 and made up, on the 25hpi I use he is pretty small for a tree decoration, I have not added the hanging thread as yet, I have to decide how I will use him. The large blocks of colour made him boring to stitch, and doing white on white at this size almost did my eyes in. 
A tip leave a thin panel along one boarder, so when you glue him together, he will fit better, 
mine was very fiddly, I used Fray Check, Gold-Zack to ensure he stays neat. 
He would be better stitched on 14 or 18 hpi.
 I have been knitting, I wanted six more Christmas puddings for the tree, I love making these, they are so quick and look fun. I have finished knitting the other two, 
I now need to cut the holly leaves from felt and add red beads. 
 I have made some shortbread using gluten free flour, Fliss was so very pleased when she came home, I am finding it easy to cater for her, and on the plus, these tasted good enough for hubby and I to share, three bits left for after tea tonight.
My last harvest of the last sweet pepper, the plant was very kind to us this year.
 My friend went for a long walk and picked loads of blackberries, these were for us, I now have three lots in the freezer, I love gifts like these.
I have been reviewing September, my lowspend/ nospend was not perfect, but we saved over half our normal food spend and our freezer food is much lower, I was naughty a couple of times, but neither spends were impulse. It did highlight to use how we pop to our local Co-op and pick up nice snacks, using our 10% discount as the reason to get them. I am not going to do Stoptober, I don't think it will work for us, our kitchen here is small and we do not have a huge store cupboard, so we could not store bulk food. But I will carry on with the values from last month.
Not done much in the garden, busy week here, but we had a bit of rain last night and the warm weather is allowing the flowers to stay longer.
I am stitching a few Christmas quickies, some for me some to pass on, I have seen some lovely designs in the net, and I am asking for help in identifying the piece below,  I found it on Pintrest from a site in Russia, I have asked the author where the design can be found but I can not get an answer from her. This is so not me but I love it.


  1. I hope you can track down the designer and the chart...it's gorgeous!

  2. Your little Santa is adorable Marlene.


  3. Your Santa is gorgeous! Where did you get your pudding pattern from?



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