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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Changing seasons

The outside table is very colourful, I purchased these cyclamen from our local shop, they are beautiful, and work well with the other plants. Soon it will be time to pop both the plants in the back in the greenhouse for the cooler months.  
I moved my fruit pots around, they were crowded at the back, so I pulled the blackcurrant and blueberry tubs forward, I was going to get rid of the pink blueberry, but found I did have space for it. I have popped out more flowering pots, more cyclamen and a pot with snowdrops in, changing the look of this spot. 
I have loads of seedlings, but they are not as big as I wanted them, I am hoping they will have a big growth spurt in the coming weeks. these should all be in the ground by the end of the month. 
More spring bulbs all new this season, purchased here and here, I do have 2 more pots to fill, there are more bulbs coming via an internet order, plus a couple of plants. 
I also popped in some sweet pea seeds, which as you can see are growing, these are staying in this pot until next spring, I am hoping for strong plants for the garden.  
After cutting all the babies from this pot and giving it more soil and feed, the strings are growing again, I always knock my head on this pot, but I do love it hanging in the greenhouse. 
I have a thing for string of pearls, these are in the greenhouse, coming along nicely, I also have 2 pots of them in the house. The small white pot is for Will to take home for the kitchen window sill and I will gift another to my sister
I am in need of my garden again, my anxiety levels are rising, with all the negative news coming from everywhere, I feel as if I want to curl up and stay in bed. I am finding the news is more about what they think will happen rather than what is happening, everything has a spin on it, using the worse outcome headline. The reporters only want to tell us about the failings, and find out what went wrong, telling about studies where the state the obvious, how any times have we shouted at the TV, 'you needed a study to find that out', I've stopped watching the news again, I prefer to read what I want to know about online, it's not putting my head in the sand, it's about sifting the rubbish from the news.

I do feel safe in our village, we can get most things local and are using more local shops, the rest is purchased online. So many friends have children or grandchildren with colds, it's normal this time of year, baby George has had the bad cold, everyone is on the look out for the virus, so is the winter months going to help us get through the next phase, staying inside our homes. 

We have full cupboards and freezer, we have a comfortable home and I have loads of crafts I can do, but I am not able to concentrate on some designs.  I have 3 books coming, I have read book 1 of the set of 4, plus I have been given more reading books. We don't go shopping much, we removed ourselves from the commercial roundabout many years ago, so in theory our lives should not be that different from last winter. 

The shadow of the virus and the impact on everyone's lives is always there, even if I avoid the news, someone will say something or I read another item. It is no surprise we are having a second wave of infections, it's that time of year for viral infections, it is cold and flu season. 


  1. The news is always like that, very little good news and all doom and gloom. It was reported the week before last that the virus was on the increase in Leeds and we were being put on a watch list and tighter measures may be imposed, then a couple of days ago it was announced that there hadn't been any deaths reported in Leeds hospitals due to the coronavirus for the past thirty one days. It's very hard to get an accurate angle on things when reports seem to contradict each other. I'm sure your seedlings will come on leaps and bounds this week, the weather is nice again, though saying that, it's very dull and windy here today but the sunshine is due to return again tomorrow.

  2. I don't watch the news either. The statistics are a waste of time as they are not clear. You are doing the right thing, having good sticks and plenty to do. Your table looks incredible with the deep red.

  3. I've said before that I don't watch the news, I end up shouting at the Tv if I do! I do read about things online sometimes but it can be very depressing, and confusing. I think we can only do what we can do but it doesn't help when you see people clearly not bothering.
    I'm sure your seedlings will have a growth spurt and be ready to plant out.

  4. I've never heard of those string of pearl plants before and I must look for them next time I'm able to visit the garden centre, they are fascinating.
    As for the news it's best to take it all with a pinch of salt, take care of yourself to stay as safe as you possibly can.

  5. My goodness you have been busy in the garden and yes it’s a reliever of anxiety. It’s very tricky to see where we are going at the moment with this virus and yes the tv news nearly sends me berserk.

  6. Our news is just like yours! Half the time you don't know what to believe and I frequently get upset when they concentrate on the 'bad' side of things all the time. Reading news headlines online is much better for my sanity :)

  7. We have had an uptick in virus cases, which scares me. After at least 4 months of nothing we now have 4. I blame people not following the guidelines. I am tired too, but if we want to be rid of this we all need to stay healthy until a vaccine is found.

    The garden has been keeping you busy and still looks lovely.

    God bless.



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