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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

September round up


I purchased one lot of expensive yarn this month and a batch of reduced yarn, garden has a few things on my list, I got a big bag of garden grit, rather than purchase it locally, it was half price, expensive but will save me money in the long term. I also got a couple of brilliant plants for the garden off line. 

I have purchased a new coat, my green coat with hood was 7 years old and when I popped it on the zip burst, which is strange after all my weight loss it was loose on me, we tried to fix it, I looked at the cost of replacing the zip. I have seen a lovely coat with a hood at Joules, expensive shop, after I looked at their site I was sent an email with 25% discount off everything, good coat at great price, so clothing spend so far this year £197.46, so staying under the £200 marker I gave myself. I have taken the old coat to the clothes bank along with a few more items. 

The garden pergola was not too expensive, it was my choice for a birthday present, hubby offered jewellery but I declined, it's not my birthday until November, but there would be less choice in winter months. It is a big birthday hence the bigger gift. 

The oven broke on our cooker, it's 16 years old and I am now struggling to clean the top, so we decided to look online, found the model of cooker we wanted, out of stock everywhere but one place, who do not deliver to us. We have been told it should be back in stock in October, so hubby ordered the replacement part to allow us use of the oven until we can replace it, expensive but not a huge surprise. 

As yet we have not popped the heating on, but it's getting close to the time when it will be used, I see no point in having something and not using it, I get we are lucky we have no issues with the cost of our heating. The new windows and doors we had last year play a huge part in the house staying warmer, having wooden floors and blinds instead of curtains, don't help, but again it my choice. 

We are not wasting any food, portion control is working well and we are using our slow cooker more, which we fill and then use the leftovers blitz with some cooked veg for soups, salads are being eaten less, we are planning more soups and home made bread. I have purchased porridge for my breakfasts, so we have started buying more milk. 


  1. You've spent wisely, Marlene, we try and do that too nowadays. We haven't had our heating on yet, but think we'll have to change to the autumn duvet now, it's getting colder at night. Suits me but husband feels the cold more.

  2. I put my heating on Sunday, I think it was so miserable and cloudy I wanted a sofa afternoon watching films.

  3. My slow cooker is in use today, sausage casserole for dinner. I could definitely do with a new winter coat this year, the one I have is old now and it's definitely seen better days. I definitely don't overspend on clothes or shoes, one of the good things about hating clothes shopping.

  4. Hope you manage to get your new oven, lots of things are still out of stock. My daughter has only just been able to buy skirting board and architrave! We have already had our heating on, just for an hour or so when it went cold last week.

  5. Spending wisely is the frugal thing to do. I hope you get your new oven sooner than they said.

    I think our heating will be turned up very soon.

    God bless.

  6. We've already had our heating on as it's been so cold. I keep accounts as I go along but never tot up what things cost, if I need something and can afford it I buy it. If I want something I do consider if I really need it though.

  7. Isn't it great when things work out, like with your coat? Hopefully your stove will work out just as well.



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