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Monday, 28 September 2020

Before the frost

My greenhouse is beginning to fill, as soon as the cooler weather arrives I pop loads of tender plants in here, plus I have spring plant seedlings growing. I am still getting fruits off my tomato plant, this was grown from a supermarket tasteless tomato, I am pleased to say the tomatoes from this plant taste wonderful, so sweet. 
My prized Lemon plant is back inside, I grew this from a pip started in 2014, it's a great size and looks good in this bigger pot. My metal chicken is back inside and I have cut loads of the plant away, it had finished flowering and did not look great.
My cape gooseberry, grown  in 2018 is also back inside as are the tender coleus plants, next year I will take some cutting from them and make new plants. These are sat on my folding camping table, which will stay up through the winter. 
Below are a couple more tender plants, and the sweetpea seeds I planted last month, the sweetpea will stay inside through out the winter and be planted next spring. 
I removed my raised bed, which I had planted like a dry riverbed, so all my plants are now on the sunniest side of the greenhouse, these small shelving units have been brilliant. 
This Aloe Vera was purchased a couple years ago as a small 50p plant, I love it, next to it my bronze planter, with a daisy inside, there are no drainage holes so I think this will survive better in the dry. 
My very expensive shelves, with one of my table solar lights, I have popped all my solar lights into the greenhouse, I always store them in the greenhouse through winter, it make the greenhouse pretty in the dark evenings and stops them from rusting in the rain. 
I have pansy's and forget-me-nots in this tray, I need more space in the greenhouse, so this sunny spot will help the grow quicker. Should only be for a couple of weeks, then they will be big enough to plant in my pots. 
There is a mixture of hardy plants here, these can stay outside, until next spring, most of them are not for my garden. 
I have placed my spring bulb pots, all near this seating area and found a couple of nice clay pots for the cyclamen. 
Kirk has been moved, in this spot he will get some sunshine, 
behind is loads of spring bulbs. 

The nights are much cooler here, and Friday night the TV weather lady said the frost word, not for us, but north of our region, so it's time to move plants, I had already planned to do some work outside over the weekend. This year I am leaving my pomegranate plant outside, it's much bigger and I have placed it by the garage door, which is a sunny spot in the garden, I can always bring it into the greenhouse later if I need to. I still have the small Olive plant, my daughter has not yet found the pot she wants, there is no hurry, I am leaving it outside for now, the big Olive has been outside each winter, we plan to move it popping the pot in the center of my fruit slate garden, still in it's pot, but have delayed doing it until next year, once placed we will struggle to move it, so it's better where it is, if the weather is too wintery, we can wheel it to beside the garage and protect it from the wind.  

The new layout for the greenhouse is working much better for me, the raised bed was huge and was not great use of the space. The shelving units I purchased are not big, but they work well, they are narrow, so I have more floor space, as I am now filling this greenhouse, it's very pleasing to have space in the center to walk amongst all my plants. 


  1. Your greenhouse certainly works for you the whole year round. My tomato plants were cleared away yesterday, I've had all I'm going to get off them this year, it's not been the best tomato year here. We had snow in Leeds on Friday, the temperatures plummeted to -5. We didn't see any here in this part of Leeds but the photos I've seen show it wasn't just a sprinkling.

  2. Your greenhouse space works well and looks really good. It is quite cold here now and our central heating has been put on.

  3. I love Kirk's hair, I suppose you could change it from punky spikes to long and lanky by the plants you choose. I miss my greenhouse so much, I loved spending hours in there especially in the winter sunshine.

  4. My greenhouse is packed with the tender stuff and I have a black bin of water in the middle. In theory this heats up in the sun and slowly releases heat during the night. I have draped fleece around the sides and mulched round all the pots with some chopped straw for insulation.

  5. Your green house is certainly filling. Love the lemon tree.

    God bless.

  6. Your greenhouse is working so well for you.
    I do like cyclamen especially the pink and red ones. We were visiting a local garden centre today and they had quite a lot, they really looked so nice and it made a colourful display.

    All the best Jan



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