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Friday, 18 September 2020

Getting back to craft

It's the most basic of starts for the cross stitch stichalong, I found the middle of the fabric and created the boxes to the left, there will be 3 rows of 4 boxes. I have 2 other boxes for the right hand side to make. I have counted these rows and recounted them, I can be the queen of 1 stitch out and with my mind set at the mo, it's a huge possibility. 
I managed to sort the issues I had with the heel of this sock, it's not the design, I have knitted this one loads of times, but for some reason I could not get it right this time, now all I have left is simple rows and the toes, soon another Christmas gift finished. 
I finally picked this baby dress up again, I had got to the bodice, so I started on the design, I just need to do 16 rows before I divide the armholes and go onto straight needles.
BUT, and these days there always seems to be a but, I miss counted on the pattern, it looks off, so I have unpicked back to the garter stitch after the ribbon holes. Totally another stupid mistake by myself, so I am ready to start the bodice again, I have decided not to have the pattern on the back, this will simplify the neck opening, I don't think it will take away from the overall dress design.  
I was given this book and it's been on my shelf for months, I did not have many expectations on the plot, I've never read a book by this author before. It was always a case of he did not do it, but why and how? could the author hold me to the end, it was clever read, I enjoyed it very much. Book 62 read this year. 
I have purchased more yarn, this was on special at £1.49 per 100 grms, I now have good quality yarn for small ripple blankets to sell to raise funds for our local Downs Syndrome group, we have sold one already, so I need to get clicking. There are 18 balls of 75% superwash wool 25% nylon, it's 4ply as always, the pink/purple was purchased so I could make something for myself, I do love the colours, with extra for a blanket. The yarn feels very soft. 
Thank you for your comments on my last post, I do feel we are heading for another winter of discontent very different from the 80's, 2020 is not going to end well. I like to plan and make list, which is difficult in these times, we are well stocked and should be OK for a 3 month period, for food, crafting and general good well-being. I think the new year is going to be the crunch time. 

We had a lunchtime BBQ with daughter, Will and George on Wednesday, lovely time in the garden, the sunny weather is brilliant.

Thursday we did do work outside, which our mad cat woman next door, took a dislike to, so she shouted and screamed at us, racism, swearing and more accusations of drug use, so I called the police, sadly its the only way to get a quiet life and stop her. She called the local council, who visited and are taking no action, we are totally legal. We did finish our task, it's our garden and we will have it how we want it, photos next time.

Today we are meeting a couple of friends for lunch then back to ours for a sit outside in the sun. 


  1. I'm sorry to read about your troublesome neighbour from hell. That must be so awful having to live next door to that and you do right to do what you want to in your own garden. Enjoy your lunch out today. Take care, stay safe x

  2. Lots of lovely projects on the go, it's the same here, I don't know what to pick up there's so many things to choose from. You've made a good start on the cross stitch, I'm hoping to get to it this weekend and make a start. It's awful having to live with neighbours like that, I know it would stress me out no end. Let's hope she's quiet for a while now after her most recent outburst.

  3. What a nasty neighbour, she's clearly got mental health issues, not that it helps you. Glad you could ignore her and not let her stop you doing what you wanted.

  4. That lunchtime BBQ with your daughter, Will and George sounds good.

    All the best Jan

  5. You certainly will be kept busy with your projects. I think your neighbour has big problems... Hopefully she quiets down.

    God bless.

  6. We have new neighbours, a young couple, and so far they are perfectly lovely. They have indoor elderly cats but have made firm friends with Herbie, Revi and Poppy. They have asked for help with the garden, they know what they want , just don't know how to get there. Lets hope that your neighbour is made to be more considerate. Nightmare neighbours can make life a misery.



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