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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Some finishes

I have made more mask for hubby and I, again using Tea towels from my stash, the inner part are just plain white, these will wash well and should last us as long as we need them. I used the last of my good quality elastic, so any more I make won't be as sturdy. 
Hubby wanted this pennant for his motorbike, but it would not stay attached so now I have added the top ties. 
I have had these for ages, but before Wednesday they were long trousers with slightly flared bottoms. I had tried them on a few times and was not happy to wear them, so I cut them off, once washed they will look good and get used on sunny days. 
This is book 2 of 5, another huge book with 720 pages, she has a style of her own, but a storyline I can loose myself in. Book 64 read this year. 
Will had a fall at nursery, they suggested mum take him to A&E (emergency room), he has fractured his wrist, loves the brace he has to wear. He was scared of all the Xray machines, but sat still, the lovely doctor allowed him to see his bones once they had checked him. 
 At 10 months George decided to show us his skills of sitting on his own, he stayed upright for over a minute, mummy was closed to tears, our clever boy. 

Mummy came to visit on Wednesday, Will could not have his swimming lesson, so we played with both boys together. We did walk to the village, it was market day, nice to see lots of stalls, almost back to normal. 

I'm still not doing much craft, I know I'm not in the right frame of mind to get things right, and unpicking is a pain. I am loosing myself in books, I've always been a book worm. I have enjoyed using my sewing machine, I have a few more things to make, as yet I have not packed my sewing machine away. I have just finished season 3 of In the line of Duty, I have seen them all before, but well worth another watch. I have started a small granny square blanket, using my new random colours yarn. 

Our weather has changed, autumn has arrived, and we had some rain Wednesday, it's much cooler, we changed our summer quilt for a thicker quilt, I am watching my plants, I will soon be moving some into the greenhouse. This morning we have had heavy rain, which is soaking into the dry ground, and it's really windy, so leaves are starting to fall. 

I did my weekly shop in Lidl on Tuesday a day later than normal, some of the shelves were again empty, it seams some people will never learn. 


  1. Young Will was a brave boy and little George a clever boy. The panic buying has started and makes no sense, some people are just plain selfish.

  2. Oh no, poor Will. I hope his wrist mends quickly. Such a lovely photo of George. It's funny how our crafting mojo comes and goes, I think the onset of autumn has kickstarted mine into action, I've got so many things on the go just now and I want to work on them all at once.

  3. Poor Will! He doesn't look too upset though, bet he's quite chuffed to show off his brace. George is an absolute little sweetheart. Your masks are lovely, Marlene, if you want to sell any I'd be happy to buy some.

  4. Poor Will, I hope it mends well and he's out of the cast soon.

  5. What a brave boy you are Will.And you brother George is an absolute star! My grandson had a dreadful break when he landed awkwardly on the trampoline. I remember my husband carrying him in the house with a shortened arm. Horrible. He had an OP with plates and screws.

  6. Poor Will, but he was very brave. I hope he mends quickly. X

  7. Good job on saving those trousers (we call them pants here in Canada..trousers are worn by men). I like the masks as well. They look very sturdy.

    God bless.

  8. Hard to believe George can now sit up, he is growing so fast. I'm sorry Will hurt his wrist and hope it heals up quickly. The weather has changed here too (definitely spring!). The seasons move on whatever is happening in the world around us.



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