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Thursday, 31 March 2016

March list

So March is over, that's a quarter of this year.

I am very pleased with my stash list, 
Sewing was my expensive craft this month. 
March is another huge saving over last year
I have not spent much on our garden. 
I have spent £303.92 so far less than last year.
 I have added an item to this list, Number 35
I have also made a start on a few more items.
I am pleased with my progress. 
This month we had a 3rd list, it was for food spending, but we have recorded everything we spend it's interesting reading, we are doing it again next month.
It's good to highlight where we are spending, never huge amounts, but those little shops do all add up. We have had two visit's to local Co-op shops to stock up on wine, both shops were selling everything at 30% off, sounds as if we drink loads, which we don't but it is nice to share a bottle on the weekend. Our wine rack is full again. plus we got loads of bread mixes, rice and other store cupboard items, 30 % off is alot. I am finding to save money we have to spend when we see bargains, we got cat food because the brand Grace loves was just £3 a box, so we got six boxes, which will last 2 cats just over a month. So each week our spend is different, we are going to try and spend less in April on food. Most of the other things purchased were one off's, things for the wedding.

It is so nice to get home to light evenings, not spent any time in my garden, it's still too cool. My plants inside are doing well, and will stay in our warm office for at least another week. By the end of April I should have loads of flowers, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper plants to get into their growing spots. From last years coleus plant I now have five small plants, hubby is very pleased.
I have been busy stitching white on Sheffield, it's very tiring on my eyes, but I'm getting there, I have also made the template for the name to go below the logo. I have not done any sewing or patchwork, I want to get as much of the white stitching done, I do have to be finished by June and whilst it's 8+ weeks away, the time does creep up on you. 


  1. I did one stint in the garden today - a bit of weeding and planting - while the weather was warm. I hope it continues and I can get the fences painted. You've achieved an awful lot of your 2016 list, you'll soon have them all ticked off.

  2. Keeping track of your spending is a good idea, it's all those small amounts which add up. I haven't even sown my tomato seeds yet but I think it's just about time now, perhaps this weekend.

  3. I'm impressed with how well you are organizing your spending. I don't think we would be able to do that. We don't have a lot of storage so we have to buy weekly or bi-weekly. Hopefully that will change when we move.

  4. You are doing a great job with your finances!I did work in my garden a bit today. Temps in the 70's. Soon however, we will be back to the much more typical low 60's.



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