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Friday, 4 March 2016

Mix it up

Thursday night I did some more cutting out
adding a few different design and colour hexagons
These are my task for this weekend, to get all 33 stitched.
 Popped to Wilkinson's and these fell into my basket
I have added the cost to my hobby spending list
I also got some clips to help with my green netting over the raised garden.
It's been a busy week at work, I have been learning my true role, it was important I spend time learning the basics, it will help me understand the more complex task ahead. We have just over two weeks before Jo leaves and I am on my own. I am feeling confident, it's all about not making mistakes and finishing each task.
I have been good and walked everyday in my lunch break, I have found a 15 minute walk, I would like to walk for 25 minutes, so I will be looking for a different route. I am making my 6000 steps a day, I was hoping to be on 7000 steps now March has arrived, but I rather take things slowly and get to my target of 10,000 steps per day. My weight loss has stopped, which is a pain, but once the light evenings are back I will be out longer after work.
Today we have had loads of hail and sleet, at lunch time the grounds around the office was white, and it was still sleeting when I came home. Here we have not had anything, but it does keep trying, so this weekend might just be our winter weekend, typical March weather biting you just as you this spring is coming.
I have done more to Sheffied United cushion, the red and white stripes are boring but necessary, I am putting the name 'MILLS' below the logo, so that will add colour, the letters are black with a gold outline.
I have not started my book, thank you for the comments you have given me, I will set aside some time this weekend, it feels very decedent to sit and read, it is also restful and rewarding, normally Grace sits on my lap so we share the relaxing time.


  1. I love the way you say fell into your basket, I have that problem as well :-), my dahlias have already been started in the greenhouse in pots, yesterday I did the same with the begonias, we bought some from qvc last year and they gave us a really good display, they were in pots so they moved with us, have a nice weekend xx

  2. It looks like there is lots of us doing hexies at the moment, perhpas we should have a hexi club, I got a new phone a few weeks back and found this little thing on it that counts my steps and records distance walked each day, I activated it out of curiosity and was surprised to see my average has been about 1600 steps a day about 8 miles dont know accurate it is :-)

  3. It's lovely to see your stash of hexies building. Good luck getting them all sewn this weekend.

  4. The hexes are looking good. Yep, sometimes things just jump into our baskets!

  5. Good luck with the hexagons. They will look very pretty. I do love the flowers you bought. I have both in my garden. We are also having March coming in like a lion certainly not a lamb.
    We have had storm after storm coming in from the Pacific.

  6. I've been doing some hexies research! I've ( well the HG ) has bought me some freezer paper that you iron to your fabric and you print your hexagons on an inkjet printer! I've a cutting mat and rotary cutter so it cuts out the pinning and tacking bit. I'm going to do an English pieced mat first though because that's how I remember ( and now re know thanks to you X ) it from school!
    My HG despairs of me though because I flit from craft to craft!! I need to finish things too!!!
    Your new job sounds great! You'll be excelkent! It is hard though isn't it, to get those steps in. Sorry for the long comment, I've not been in Blogland for a week and I'm in a massive catch up now!

  7. Glad to hear that things are going well, especially with your new job! I am looking forward to lighter evenings to allow for more walking time too! xx



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