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Friday, 11 March 2016

See how they grow

I stitched all the pink and white spots, 
tonight I will choose the next fabric
I found it much easier to use one fat quarter last time
 Out in the garden, our plot is so small
I am not missing the tree's from the bottom of next doors garden
every where looks brighter without them.
My Christmas tree looks happy in it's pot.
 Couple of pots, I have loads around the place
 Spring is coming, so much anticipation 
 Inside my plug plants are coming along well
hope to be able to get them into a greenhouse soon
Thank you for your kind comments on my last post, I am really please with my wedding outfit. As for my storage box for my hexagons, it is just perfect, every thing fits in and it is so sturdy. My sewing box is a huge plastic Stanley tool box, the section in the lid for screws are where I keep my buttons, it is handy to have every thing in one place and it to be sturdy  enough to take it with me if necessary. I found years ago those pretty padded sewing boxes were not big enough for me, I do like to keep my sewing things tidy and clean.
It's another Friday evening, just hubby and I tonight, we are going to pop out for a late walk, then settle down, which means sewing for me. I have not started my book, so I hope to find time over the next couple of days. I have a hair cut booked tomorrow mid morning, but no other plans. I hope to be able to get out in the garden and tidy, it's still to early to plant anything and my delicate plants are still in my green houses. So a restful couple of days with nice weather. My seedlings are doing well, so a bit of potting on, Plus Monty's back on TV with hints and idea's.
We have been keeping a trace of our spending for the past two weeks, we have added everything we have purchased to a list, it's interesting to see where we use our money. We will need to shop for food, so a trip to Waitrose will happen we still have £50 of vouchers.
My post is being delayed, I don't know why each time, so our walk was earlier in the evening.


  1. Your flowers all look so pretty. I hope you have a great week-end with lots of sewing!

  2. You flowers are looking o good.

    I have some daffodil bulbs and tulip buls showing green . . Spring IS just around the corner :)

  3. The garden looks lovely as do the hexes. Trees are starting to flower here.

  4. I have a big toolbox for my sewing things too, the compartments are ideal and so much more space for the money.

  5. Your sewing work is very organised as is your garden, very neat and tidy, Spring has sprung here as well .

  6. Your garden is looking lovely, not long until spring's here now.

  7. I was given a potted christmas tree from a friend after it was finished with, I got one off them last year too I am planting them out plenty of room here for them to grow, I am still working on my hexies there nice to just pick up and do in the evening :-)

  8. Everything in the garden looks lovely. I know what you mean about padded sewing baskets not being large enough!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. My hubby was all excited that Gardeners World is back and planting time will soon be upon us again.



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