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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Another heart

Post man called today, with this beautiful gift
 Inside an angel
Thank you Paula, I love your blog 
and I'm so glad your hubby is recovering well, keep us informed on his progress, 
I want to know when he can do cartwheels again. 
 I am coming along with the boring stitching
I am pleased it is looking neat and the red and black are fully covering the fabric. 
I will do more to the stripes and then go back and do the interesting center
That's a lovely word
 I did a few more this week
The new blue fabric is not great to stitch
but the birds are lovely.
Thank you for your comments regarding my stash spend list, at this point I am buying what I want and not restricting myself. Last year I had a die cutting machine for a Christmas gift so I was purchasing cutters, which bumped up my spending in the first three months. I am off to Hobby craft on Sunday, I have a few things I require, I do need a box for my completed hexagons, I have nothing suitable here.
We also have to make up 4 goodie bags for the children coming to daughters wedding, that will be a trip to a shop called Tiger, which is full of fun stuff.
I also want a couple of plants for the garden, I would love another red pompom dahlia tuber, my mum grew these, so every summer our garden was full of colour. Last March I spent £195.84 on craft and my garden, so I think I can make another major saving this year.
In other great news, Josh has got the senior school he wanted, so in September he will be with his friends, he was here last night with Sam for tea, both have had their hair cut, so Sam has no curls, I can't wait for them to grow again.
Thank you also for the comments regarding hubby being bored, he does do volunteer work on a Wednesday, he tries to play golf on a Tuesday and Thursday, but often the weather is not good enough to get out. I always knew the winter months were going to be hard.


  1. That is good news regarding Josh, it's always such a worrying time so I expect you are all thrilled. I have piles of hexies cut out ready to be sewn together. I used a die cutting machine for mine too, I think I would of hated cutting them out by hand xx

  2. Thank you for the Thank you.

    I was glad to see the angel. I was't sure if it opened and, I have been so clutzy lately, I didn't want to try to open it :)

  3. The gift is very pretty and thoughtful. Your projects are all looking great. The black and red one reminds me of a Ranger Tab I stitched for my son. He appreciates it but it was not much fun to stitch. Sounds like wedding things are in full gear now. How exciting!

  4. What a wonderful gift, so pretty. Your stitching is really coming on now that the red stripes are appearing, it's looking good.

  5. Good news your grandson got the school they had hoped for, so many are disappointed locally here this time.
    Lovely stitching on the Sheffield piece, the black really does cover well.



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