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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Two finishes

 One piece made up
 Full on
 Up close
Yesterday day was busy, in a great way, I got my sewing machine out and played. First I did the house things, mending a couple of pillow cases, I also cut two old hand towels in half, hemmed them for hubby to use on the golf course.
Then I had fun, I made the small cushion first, I was also hoping to make skaters into a small cushion, but none of the fabrics I had went with the pale blue background, so I have packed it away to do another time.
I was going to make my patchwork into a cushion, but decided I could not have enough bags, I had the green lining material in my stash, and when I found I had the matching thread, it was decided, the size was easy I used the two patchwork pieces, which I had made last February, it is the first time I have made a bag, and I am very pleased with it, all the strength of the bag is in the lining, but I don't think I will be using this for shopping, for now I have all my Christmas material in it, I have for ages wanted to make a tree skirt, and I am thinking of doing some patchwork, I have loads of lovely cotton Christmas fabrics which I don't want to pack away.
I have cut out my skirt and lining, all I have to do is stitch them together, plus I have a man's shirt to take in. I also cut another two fat quarters into hexagons ready for stitching.
Today was good, had a long walk at lunch time in the sun shine, it poured down all afternoon, and is still raining now.  I am being good and stitching the white on Sheffield, it's a pain to do, but most of it will be done soon.
Paula, Katie was our latest storm to arrive in UK, we now name all our storms.


  1. Beautiful, you are very talented x

  2. You've been busy and made some lovely things. I do wish I could use a sewing machine.

  3. You did a FANTATISTC job on the tots. The seams are so crisp and clean. And, of course, I always love your pillows.

    Oh, I have not forgotten I owe you a heart. I was ready to mail and Marcus decided it was a toy for her. So it had a meeting with the washer, dryer and liquid starch :)

  4. That bag is lovely! I would use it very carefully! I do love the Christmas pillow. Seeing all your great finishes inspires me , I have so many things that need finishing.

  5. Both lovely makes. I need to drag my machine out I have the pattern along with the fabric for a new frock xx

  6. I have to make towel things for the HG's hobbies! He has them for golf and fishing!!



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