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Friday, 1 April 2016

All white

 Sheffield is growing, just the last white panel 
I hope to finish this last stripe over the weekend
I have the name MILLS to add under the logo 
and then a few more rows of the stripes. 
but I will stitch the black and white of the center next. 
I did get some sewing done, just one evening. 
You can see I have loads done in the box
but I still have loads of fat quarters to cut out
 Storm Katie took all the dead buds off our Magnolia tree
it's looking a bit bare, but I love these blooms
Spring is here and summer is on it's way
 Tulips in pots, plus Aquilegia
I fell in love with Aquilegia's last year. 
 Out side our back door
 English bluebells, another of my favorite flowers
I have clumps around my back garden, 
We have few plans for the weekend, Josh and Sam are in Manchester. Youngest daughter is Glamping with her friends, last free weekend before her wedding on 9th April. Not heard from oldest daughter.
So just hubby and I, tomorrow we will pop out, it's the local farmers market in town, I would like another blueberry bush. Hubby needs a few things from Wilkinson's, so I get to look around their gardening section, there is nothing I need, but it's not always about need.
Sunday will be a day at home, I have a skirt to sew together and a garden to tidy. It's time I cleaned my two small green houses, I have tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper plants almost ready to be potted on. Hubby is planning to cook another roast dinner.


  1. I haven't started any seeds off yet, I think it's about time I did so now though. Your plants and bulbs look to be further along than mine, I love aquilegias too, I have quite a few in the garden, some bought and some self seeded.

  2. It sounds like you are going to have a nice quiet week-end. Your big stitching project reminds me so much of a project I stitched for my son about his days as an Army Ranger. It's looking quite good.

  3. You must give us a "glamping" report. I've heard it is quite fun.

  4. I'm way behind on blog reading and have enjoyed a lovely catch up read here. The patchwork cushion looks fantastic, i've really enjoyed watching this grow. Lovely pics of your adventures. I hope all is sorted with your neighbour and the police can deal with it once and for all for you.
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. you have the patience of a saint to stitch all that solid colour, it would have had me climbing the walls, I am on the look out for a couple of peach trees now but I am only looking halfheartedly, you can never have enough Blueberries, I am pleased that one of the cuttings I took last year has taken well :-)



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