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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Almost a happy post

I just have the white rabbit to stitch
I'm thinking is white the best colour
 This is looking good. 
 Sheffield is back in the frame
just catching up on red. 
The past few days have been good, I have found a 30 minute walk for lunch time, away from the main road, with a nice path through a small wooded area, today I saw, robins, blackbirds, magpies and loads of little brown birds. With blossom appearing everywhere, it does feel like spring.
Plus last week whilst unwell I lost 5 pounds in weight, which means I feel on the right track again, a nice vegetable stir fry for tea will help me along.
I have not cut out any hexagons, with so many seedlings on my desk, I don't have much space.
I also finished After you, which perked up a bit in the end, I was glad I read the sequel, after finishing Me before You, there were so many things I needed to know to close the plot down. I will look for my next book for April.
The wedding is getting closer, just over 3 weeks, my outfit is sorted, as are the table gifts for the children, we managed to get Josh a nice surprise. We have booked a pedicure the week prior to the wedding, both hubby and I are going together. We have also booked a meal for the Thursday before, just parents, bride and groom, a chance to catch up with each other and have a nice meal, before the madness starts.
My blades came yesterday for my rotary cutter, I purchased a 10 pack, the most cost effective way to get them. Hubby had to go to the sorting office to sign for the package, at the sorting office hubby found he also had to sign for a letter. The letter is from the mad cat woman next door, it's been 8 weeks since she last had a pop at us, in the letter she is still accusing us of smoking cannabis around our house and garden, the fumes are coming at her through the roof, walls and her open bedroom window, making her really ill. She accuses us of smoking in front of our grandsons, neither of us smoke at all and no one ever smokes near the boys. Hubby called the police again, after their last visit and spoke to an inspector, who is livid with the slander and harassment coming from the woman. The police inspector has asked us to allow them to deal with the letter, they have a huge file on mad cat woman's anti sociable behaviour. I just want to scream, we are lucky the police understand our problem and will start to use legal methods to make her leave us alone. If not our solicitor will be sending a few letters threatening court action


  1. How about cream for the rabbit or a champange or light grey colour, white is just going to get lost, nice to hear everything is going to plan for the wedding and the mad cat woman well what can I say

  2. A pity that the Cat woman spoilt your day. I'm reading Me Before You at the moment. I find it very upsetting if I'm honest, but it is a very good read. I might have to get the sequel too, if you think that it useful to read.

  3. Oh Lordy ! I'm fully expecting you to be appearing on a Channel 5 documentary anytime soon! All jokes aside though, what a pain in the bum it is to have crappy Neighbours. The year sampler is adorable! X

  4. Your needlework is beautiful! Enjoy the rabbit stitching. So sorry to hear that you are having such trouble with your neighbour, I do hope that the police can sort things out, I am glad they are taking it seriously. She sounds as though she is unwell to me and needs some help. xx

  5. Joyful World is coming along beautifully, it looks much smaller than mine though, perhaps it's just that I can't tell the scale in a photo. Your plans for the wedding sound lovely, it will be nice to have that time together beforehand. I'm sorry to hear you're having such trouble with your neighbour, it sounds like she may have some mental issues, I do hope she gets some help.

  6. So sad you have to put up with a mad cat woman when you could have a fun cat woman, like me, next to you.

  7. All your work is lovely. I am sorry that poor woman is at you again. I feel a bit sorry for people like her.

  8. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such an awful time with MCW next door - it must be miserable. Your April cross-stitch is stunning, and white for the rabbit sounds good. Have a lovely Easter!
    Cathy x

  9. That cat woman is really a pain!!!!



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