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Friday, 25 March 2016

Sunny Good Friday

Joyful world is done
with all the issues from next door
I just stitched the bunny white. 
Jo said my work looked smaller than her's
I am stitching on 28 count linen, which makes my stitching smaller. 
I have cut and stitched more hexagons
I love these stars, so pretty.
We had lunch with Josh, Sam and mummy at their favorite place, Deans Diner  
which is our main meal today, they make lovely burgers. 
 We went to a different location, Port Solent, 
so the boys could see all the huge boats in the marina.
We had a walk around and then Josh went with daddy 
to watch Batman v Superman at the large cinema. 
The police collected the letter yesterday, the officer told us we are also accused of growing plants to dry and smoke, so hubby asked them to check all over the house, garage shed and garden, which they did. Not quite a raid, but this is getting really silly and no longer funny, one thing they all agreed was there was no sweet smell in the house, or around our plot which would linger if we were smoking drugs of any kind. We have purchased more security camera's for the outside of our property, hubby will put them up next week. Thank you for your kind comments, as a plot for a TV program we would be laughing along.
We have popped to a local Co-op store which is closing down, and got loads of store cupboard items, bread mixes and bottles of red wine, most things are at least 30% off, so spending £63.64, we made savings of £30.33, another store is closing next month so we will visit that one as well in it's last week of trading.
Fliss is with us tonight, so we are planning to watch Lady in a Van, with Maggie Smith and loads of our wonderful English actors.
Tomorrow and Sunday I am going to get my sewing machine out, I hope to be able to wear my new skirt to work on Tuesday, plus make up a few of my stitching projects.
I have decided the first thing I will make with my hexagons will be a pretty cover for my sewing machine, but I want to prepare all the different hexagons first, so I can choose the designs I want. I will have loads left over, so I will think of another project to make.
I have pulled out my next cross stitch project, this lovely Christmas tree, on checking my stash, I already have every colour required, I just need to decide on the colour of the fabric I will stitch it on.


  1. Sorry I missed your last post, how awful living next door to that, we had a woman next door who was on drugs she didn't care and just use to smoke in the garden, it use to waft over, our lad was small and always playing outside, she use to play loud music as well, it made be very distressed, hop your problem gets sorted soon, x

  2. I saw Lady in the Van with my friend and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

    We had nightmare neighbours for fifteen years, and it wasn't till I got the police involved it didn't stop. She would throw rubbish in the garden, shout verbal abuse at me. One day I flipped, and it surprised her that I would get the police involved, but it took ages to gather evidence but I managed it, using CCTV, my camera, and my husbands old dictaphone.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. It looks wonderfully sunny in your picture. It was warm here and the sun shone most of the day. Can't wait to see your finished Christmas Tree.

  4. I hope your neighbour gets what she deserves. Sounds like she's got serious mental issues. All stress you can do without X

  5. I had to go back to see what the mad cat lady was up to. UG! At least you had a beautiful day to share with the boys.Your stitching looks great!

  6. I can't believe how your grandkids have grown! Talk about growing like weeds, they sure are doing that.

    I like the star hexs too. They look like something fun to look at. I can see them used on your sewing machine cover.

  7. It was a beautiful day yesterday, wasn't it, unfortunately the weather's on the turn though now. I'm using 28 count linen for Joyful World too, I'm stitching over two threads though. Yours is looking really good, though I have made a bit more progress with January now.

  8. I hope they can put a stop to her nonsense, that is stress a person just doesn't need x



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