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Monday, 7 March 2016


 In between hexagons I have stitched,
these stripes are boring, but quick to stitch
 Note the lovely sky, Sunday was a nice day
our Magnolia tree is fighting back, lovely new buds
can't wait to see these pale pink blooms
it's also nice to see sky rather than the huge conifers in the background.
 I was able to walk on our lawn
and pop this pot into it's corner place
will have to fill with soil and plant
34 fat quarters in here, 2 sections for hexagons
at £18, the box was not cheap, but everything in one place
should hold the whole project in one tidy place.
I also got needles and a thimble for my sore finger. 
I also got more red and white DMC silks for Sheffield cushion, I'm not keen to get them from Hobby craft at 90p each they are much more than the 60p I pay from my usual on line site. I also got anther 5 fat quarters, I am not happy with the green fabrics in top right corner, the designs are printed on, and instructions are for hand wash only, so I am thinking I might not use them and put the purchase down to poor judgement.
Both Hobby craft and Haskins Garden Centre was mobbed, everyone was out and about, but we were able to have a good look around, I did not stray too much from my list in Hobby craft.
Tonight after work Su and I popped to Whitley shopping center, a dash to Tiger and Claires to get a few more items for the youngster's gift bags, all we need now is a trip to The Works for a book for each of them. They were not as expensive as I imagined, I did not want to fill them with sweets.
I am also very pleased I got my jacket for Su's wedding, by waiting I have got the design I really wanted in navy, it finishes off the dress. I wanted 3/4 sleeves, I have short arms and normal jackets just look silly, the sleeves are always over my hands, so I am now outfit ready for the wedding. Su got me a necklace, she was not happy I told her not to get me anything for Mothering Sunday, now I don't have to wear a security pass I can again wear nice necklaces.
I'm off now to rest, I am so tired, why can I never sleep well when hubby is away, oh well he will be back home tomorrow tea time.


  1. The stitching is coming along nicely. Sorry about those green fabrics.

  2. Have you ever bought your DMC silks by the cone, if there are particular colours you use a lot of it might work out cheaper, your Magnolia tree is looking lovely I still have Magnolias on my list of plants to buy :-)

  3. The green fabrics are a disappointment, it is annoying when you make a quick purchase and it turns out that way.

    I am really happy to see all the buds starting to appear, your magnolia looks very promising already. lucky you.

  4. Glad you managed to get your outfit sorted out, that's something to cross of the list. I've found a local shop which sells DMC threads at 50p each, as you say, things can be quite expensive at Hobbycraft so I'm glad I've found this place.

  5. When I read about the bags you are making for the youngsters it reminds me of
    I wanted something for the kids to do, but nothing that would have them running around . . . even though I knew their parent wouldn't allow this. So Gene and I searched for things they might like that we could afford.

    The venue where the reception was held our reception.has two large windows, with seats, by the front doors. Basically, we had them filled.

    I had found coloring pages that I copied and then added text telling the story of the wedding; crayons; bubbles, sunglasses (which the adults enjoyed as much, if not more than, the kids; childrens playing cards; table games; mini puzzles, etc.

    The kids enjoyed them and the parents were happy that they had something to keep them occupied :)

  6. Enjoy the stitching and sewing to escape from everything else! xx

  7. You are doing very well with that stitching! I bet you are so happy to have the wedding outfit together. Back when my DH had to travel for work, I did not sleep well so I know just how you feel!

  8. Greetings Marlene. How I admire your stitching skills. It's so nice the way you have organized all your fabrics and sewing accessories. I should do the same for my knitting. Many thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. I so appreciate it. Have a wonderful day, Pat xx

  9. I like your storage box, is it from Hobbycraft? I need something similar. You are doing wonderfully well with all your stitchings. Hobbycraft does have some advantages but the price of DMC threads is not one of them xx

  10. Lovely orgnaiser for your fabrics/threads. Los of little hexi's growing.
    Your magnolia looks wonderful, and I agree blue skies are so much nicer to have than the dull dark days... we had a couple last week but back to rain again!



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