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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday flowers from hubby
 beautiful different colours
I'm not a fan of calling today Mothers day
Best card, I've had a few
from Logan and Finn
 Last night I stitched hexagons all 33 of them
later I will cut some more
 Here is the total finished so far
at some point I will have to decide what I am making and how many I will need
I had a long lazy lie in yesterday, hubby had a plan and wanted me in a good mood. Later in the morning we pulled most every thing out of our small attic and had a sort out. I was pleased to see my materials and other craft items, I sorted them again and packed them all together, I also found my wadding, which saves me purchasing some more. I found a cushion pad, new and not used which I can use for Sheffield United cushion. I also found a couple meters of beautiful white soft fake fur, I made a Santa suit many years ago and got just too much, it's as good as going shopping. We found a box of ornaments from when we moved in 6 years ago, they have been taken to the charity shop along with loads of other things.
I also had a sort out in my wardrobe, moved a few things around to make space for our present box which now is a present bag, the handles make it easier to move.
Housework was done in the afternoon so this morning can be a fun day. I also popped to my shed, all is doing OK, it is full of stuff waiting for the nicer weather to come, but March is doing what it always does which is reminding you it's not quiet spring yet.
Just hubby and I for lunch, Fliss is back in Somerset, I will pop out with Su later we are heading to Hobby craft for a bit of retail, I have a few things I need.
Later hubby is going back to Cannington my family village, staying with my brother for a few days. So a quiet evening in tonight, and on my own until Tuesday night. Plenty of time to craft and read, I will have Purdy and Grace to keep me company.


  1. How wonderful finding all the goodies in your attic, your hexies look great looking forward to seeing what you make with them, I was stitching together hexies last night very lucky dip fashion :-)

  2. Gosh - that's a lot of stitching!

  3. It'd take me a full year to empty and go through my

  4. Such pretty Mother's Day flowers. I dread to think what's in our loft, we tend to shove so much stuff up there but we've been slowly sorting through the house and there isn't that much left to do so the loft will be next, eeek!

  5. Sounds like a good day! Glad you enjoyed it. Your hexies look great! xx



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