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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I have a badge

Josh and Sam saw this 
and purchased it for me
How true in our household.
 I am fed up with winter clothes
so today I wore a dress to work
I got this the other weekend, goes well with the green cardi. 
 Successful trip on Monday night with Su
I love this style of jacket, the 3/4 arm length really suit me
I have navy shoes and bag. 
 Last night I cut out more hexagons
I used a whole fat quarter, so loads of sewing to do
I was asked, this box I got from Hobbycraft £18
expensive but it does do the job so very well. 
 Still attacking this, not had so much time in the last few days
but it is all working out well.
Did anyone watch back in time for the weekend on BBC2, one family of had their house and lifestyles changed to reflect a year (per day) from 1950 to 1999, it was very interesting, showing how gadgets and phones have changed our lives, and how the wife of the house became liberated.  A really interesting series showing our changing social history, for me 70's on wards showed loads of things which were part of my life and fun to see again. Plus the last of Shetland, I did not see that ending coming, a great plot. We taped Happy Valley, and will watch it at weekend.

It's so nice to be able to dress up for work, not having to wear a pass means I can start wearing my necklaces, the office is comfortable warm, which is good considering I work for a company who produce heaters. The new role is shaping up well, it's all about the detail, it was also pleasing to hear our boss say it's not about how quick things have to be done, it's about doing it all right. My commute is working out well, I'm not too long in the car, and the petrol consumption whilst higher is not too bad, plus of course I did get a pay increase.
I'm feeling positive again this week, our never ending winter always gets to me in March, like everyone else I so want April to be here, much lighter nights warmer weather and out in the garden.
I'm off sewing machine is out, I have to take up hubby golf trousers tonight or he won't have anything to wear tomorrow (the other 4 pairs just won't do), then I hope to get some making up of stiched projects done.


  1. Love your outfit. You look lovely. Your new job sounds nice.

  2. Lovely outfit and love your new title too!

  3. I saw the Back in Time for the Weekend series too and found it fascinating. For me, the 1980s were 'my decade' and there was a lot of stuff I had forgotten about. Lots of memories came flooding back.
    Both your outfits look lovely.
    Best wishes

  4. I'm happy for you that your new job is working out so well. The wedding outfit is beautiful. What an exciting time for your family. How sweet of the boys to get you that sign!

  5. Glad you're enjoying your new job. I'm more of a dress/skirt person so keep on wearing mine during winter. It's finding the right sort of tights that troubles me. I think I'm going to invest in one of those boxes although I'm not allowed to buy anything until April. I shall see if I can stick to it! xx

  6. Two great outfits, so happy to see that somebody else likes to match tights to dress. The storage box looks spot on, not too pricey for the perfect fit for the job, it is hardly going to wear out fast. My hexie storage box now has a new role holding different size screws, panel pins and picture hanging hooks. Next time that I am in Swansea I will pop into Hobbycraft and look for a new one.

  7. Cute badge. You're going to look lovely for the wedding. I really enjoyed this series of Shetland. We're watching Trapped now on a Saturday night.

  8. Your new outfit is really lovely. I haven't seen the Back In Time programme but I watched something similar at Christmas going back over what Christmas used to be like in different decades and I found that really interesting.

  9. Lovely new outfit and great badge, my hubby has a mug with that on to take out into the greenhouse with him when he disappears for hours on end as the warmer times arrive.

  10. LOVE both of your outfits. Your wedding ensemble looks so summery yet the jacket makes it dressy.

  11. Glad to hear that things are working out so well at your new job. Enjoy wearing your dresses! xx

  12. Ohhh I get so stressed when taking trousers up! I check check and check again. I say a prayer before cutting if they need cutting. It's the what if one leg is longer than the other angst! You'll look fabulous in your navy outfit. My storage box is a big Stanley toolbox I got in the sale in B&Q! I say I, the HG bought me it actually!!

  13. love the head gardener badge, I might make a similar patch to that, happy to send you one for giving me the idea?
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    All the best



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