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Monday, 28 March 2016

Family Easter

I have done a bit more on Sheffield
the red is stitched to the bottom of the work
This will be a square when stitched
Now I must stitch the white
 I made the pink and green flowers yesterday
I have two other fabrics cut ready to sew
I am speeding up by folding the material
and cutting out on double thickness of fabric
I wish I had thought to do it before
After having such fun with Josh and Sam on Friday, they have gone to Manchester for a couple of weeks to spend time with grandma and grand dad Pete.
Saturday youngest daughter Su popped in, just two weeks to her wedding, in the afternoon we got the card to be able to make the seating plan and table name places, that's my job next weekend.
Yesterday Sunday hubby made a lovely roast chicken dinner, I did an old fashioned rice pudding, nothing fancy added just rice, cream and milk, plus the nutmeg topping, oldest daughter Fliss and Jonathan came for lunch, Jonathan's son came as well, so a nice family affair, they played games after lunch giving me time to stitch hexagons whilst watching.
Katie arrived late last night and howled all night, we had no problems in our garden, except our Magonila tree which has lost loads of it's buds, our tree is not having the best of years, firstly the cold snap burnt the first showing of buds and  now loads are on the ground. This morning is breezy and sunny, but it feels cold, typical of March out like a lion. I feel Easter has been wasted this year, it's just too early to get out into the garden.
I am hoping to get my sewing machine out today, it should be just hubby and I all day, I'm not complaining about loss of sewing time, it has been a great family weekend.


  1. Sounds a very busy lovely time of it. Bit blustery here, nowt too dreadful. I could get used to these four day weekends! Got loads done!

  2. Sounds as if you have had some nice family time too. Katie certainly made her presence felt. Shame about your magnolia tree though - my camellias suffered the same fate.

  3. It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend spent with family. The games came out here too yesterday, we always play games when the family's together. I've got a full house again today, Eleanor's boyfriend's joining us too so I expect there will be more fun after dinner.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend, enjoy your sewing time today.

  5. WHo i Katie and why i she howling?

  6. Katie passed us by thank goodness I was expecting damage but there was nothing



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