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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tired in Hampshire

I was very pleased how our garden looked yesterday
 All set up for our BBQ, hubbies pride and joy set ready for our guest to arrive. 
 Sam and Logan our grandsons, with my great nephew Riley sat in the middle, this little bench was purchased 7 years ago for Josh, but now is belongs to Sam and Logan, here they are having some of the second cake from the BBQ. 
They played football and chasing bubbles most of the afternoon.
 Grancha was showing off his bike, 
so daughter Su jumped on with both lads, they all love the bike. 
 Today we eat left overs, 
I am so very tired, late finish last night, and an early start, both grandsons were up just after 7am, now they are both home, as is all the family who came to have fun and celebrate hubbies 65th birthday. With both daughters, their partners and Kev's youngest son and his wife, who had not been together since last Christmas day, we had loads of laughter.
My house looks like a tip, but housework will be done tomorrow, I have tidied the garden, the white table and two chairs are back at the bottom end of the garden, hubby cleaned the BBQ and it's back in the garage.
We have enough food in the fridge to last to midweek, but for now all I have is a refreshing cup of black tea, soon I will rest and watch TV for an hour. Just an early night planned for later.

Lowspend/nospend September, is still on track, we did have to buy a few things for the BBQ, but mainly bread rolls, cheese, pate and eggs for cooking,  but at just over £80 for 28 people, it was again a very low spend, using meats from the freezer and salad from the garden.
Without the BBQ spend I spent just under £14.00 on food, bread, milk ect, £2.60 to park the car in town and £6.00 on a couple of plants for the garden, which for me is a very low spend week.
So I start next week with a positive feeling, and no plans to spend anything.


  1. Sounds like a lovely week end and fine weatheras well :-)

  2. Happy anniversary to you both. Looks like you gad a fun time. Well done on the low spend.



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