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Thursday, 25 September 2014

2013, second time around

Not very good for my diet, hubby provided us a treat
I have just returned from a good job interview
fingers crossed
 Everything is looking good on the windowsill next to my desk, Avocado has not any extra height, but the leaves have grown, I love their texture, very pretty. Lemon plant loves it's new pot and has six leaves. Lime plant has not grown much but the stem is now much thicker and beginning to look a bit woody. 2nd Avocado stone is just sat there in it's water.
My ORT jar is filling up, loads of red from my Santa project, I have not picked my stitching up all week, it's been busy in the real world, I did want to use my sewing machine, but again, I have not set it up.
I spend my time here, my 2013 book which I had almost finished had to be abandoned, 
Su and I tried every way to get it back on the system, 
but even though we can see it, we can't upload it.
So I am using the view above to place text boxes and photo's to create the page below, I am working one month at a time, it is much easier to deal with a few post rather than the whole year in one go.   I am working on April, and hope to have it all redone in a few weeks, this will be my birthday present from hubby, 
so I do have a deadline, it's needs to be done within 4 weeks.
Lowspend/nospend September, not spent any money so far this week, will need bread and milk tomorrow, I am enjoying the concept of taking a good look at what we buy and eat, we have been good for a couple of years, and I am proud to say we do not waste food. We make most of the meals we eat from raw ingredients, for years we brought pre made things to put together, this has helped with Fliss being with us and her gluten free diet.

I am beginning to think of Christmas, this year, like last year we are setting a budget for each present and again sticking to it, I am not planning to buy decorations for the house, I have loads with I can reuse, I did buy a new 7 foot tree in January, so I will require some more baubles, but again I am looking for glass, no plastic, I have started looking in second hand shops, I would love a few vintage ones. I will make my cake next month, I will have to purchase some of the ingredients, but as Fliss does not eat fruit cake, I can use the same recipe I have used for the past 20 years.

Paula, you asked regarding the beach huts, as a normal rule, you are not allowed to sleep overnight in the huts, they are a basic hut without windows, but you can furnish the inside how you wish, most have tables and chairs stored for use outside, maybe a camping stove to boil a kettle, some are rustic, basic and then sometimes you pass the most stunning interior. They are a base for spending the day at the beach, the rents are yearly, or you can buy them, but the cost are equal to the value of a small house.

I'm off to school later and then taking the boys to McDonald's drive through, later Josh is going to see a senior school, he has a few to visit to choose where he goes in two years. Sam and I will go to the park, he can ride his bike. I can not believe Josh is already looking at senior school, where has the years gone.

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