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Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I have managed to skip a section and stitch these corners on Winter Watergarden, I did have to unpick the bottom left design twice, once I went wrong on the design, and when I finished re stitching it, I noticed it was in the wrong place, miss counted, now it is right.
 Where the curves meet over the reed beds, I have a bird to stitch, it's not that big, but I will use all of these 10 colours, all found in my stash, 
then I can do the outer walls and gates.
 The window sill in my office
The sun pours in here and plants love it
Lemon and Lime plants are doing well
 My Avocado shoot has doubled in size, I am still keeping it growing in mud, and I'm very please to see shoots on the top. The Lillie's are from my anniversary flowers from hubby, he hate Lillie's so it was really nice for him to choose them in the tied bunch, I love them.
  These are the plants I purchase last week for the pots in the garden, the Cyclamen are next to my back door and the mini Asters are by the front door. The Cyclamen cost £4 and the Asters were a £1 each in Tesco sale, I picked off the dead heads and it has come back quickly (there is second pot, the other side of the front door).
 This potmum, was given to me as a present, I love them, and this pink to fantastic, 
I do need to get it into a bigger pot for the next couple of months and then into the garden for next year. 
I am doing very well on Lowspend/nospend September, I have not spent any money since last Friday, we have been eating leftovers for two days, I will not require anything for a couple more days, and then only bread, milk and veg. Tomorrow we have a local market, I normally do not visit it, but I will look at the veg stall, my aim is to keep spending under £10 this week.
I am meeting my daughters for our weekly coffee tomorrow evening, but it's not my turn to pay, so one week I will have a coffee bill, but  we all have so much fun when we meet and chat, I would rather give up something else.
I am still very tired, so today is going to be a lazy day, I am going to spend most of the time stitching, Kev is away tonight, so I can get on with Winter Watergarden, I have a good feeling this will be finished this time, I first stitched it in March 2011. I have marked September as the month not to start anything new, which will be hard, because I do have some fantastic patterns to stitch, and a couple of Christmas gifts to make.
Now for a cup of tea and stitching......................


  1. Lovely stitching and flowers Marlene.


  2. Lovely bright cheery pot you've planted up. We've just replaced some summer bedding with autumnal plants.

  3. Oh my the stitching is lovely and your plants are doing very well to I see,



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