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Friday, 12 September 2014

Quickly moving on......

A parcel arrived from USA yesterday
Inside knitting books, two the same, my daughter Fliss could not buy these in UK at a sensible price, so she purchased them in USA, they would not ship to UK, so Paula came to our rescue and took the books in and then sent them to us. Having looked inside, I might just get out my knitting needles soon. Paula thank you so much for your help. 
 I have done some stitching, but as you can see it's a new project, my 'September WIP only' has gone astray, I am still struggling with Winter Watergarden, it does not fire me, so whilst my stitchy friend was here yesterday I started this, found on Pintrest, should look good on my new Christmas Tree.
 Fliss got her mum a present, back to my hippy roots
I love every thing about these bracelets.
 Avocado is doing brilliantly, nice fresh leaves as well as more height, the tiny leaves are perfectly formed, Lemon and Lime plants are still thriving.
 On the radio this morning Chris Evans is talking about hot toast and butter, and I had to join in. I don't normally eat bread, the white flour gives me problems, so I know I will suffer later, but it was delicious.
Lowspend/nospend, yesterday we had to get bread and milk, so £1.32 was spent, we don't use milk so we just got the smallest container we could find. We had another fish meal last night, I am surprised how much fish we have in the freezer, I prefer fish to eating meat, last night was trout.
Tonight Su and David are coming over for a Paella, everything I need is from the freezer and store cupboard, it is great to see space in my cupboards and freezer.
It is another sunny day here, I am about to walk to the post office, I have a parcel to send to Pam and then back to do a bit of house work, hoping for afternoon in my garden, I need to start clearing my greenhouse, the cucumbers have finished for the year, and I want to bring my peppers to the front to catch all the sunshine.
I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, Fliss will be with us, so lots of laughter, and fingers crossed a few crochet lessons, I do need to progress from granny squares.


  1. Lovely knitting book, the shawl on the front is stunning.

    The santa ornament it fabulous, that will look super on your tree....who could resist him!

  2. Your toast and butter is making me feel hungry! The avocado is doing well. Love those beads
    Is there a link for the santa?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. While you are emptying your greenhouse mine is spread over the lawn sloooowly being joined up, it looks like a cross between a giant Meccano set and a dismembered Dalek. I am going to buy some embroidery silk tomorrow and dig out my hoops ready to play with next week.

  4. wow, the books made it so quick. I think I sent them last Saturday.

    The book looks gorgeous.

    I have never seen bracelets like the one you have posted. They are adorable.

    And the avocado is looking SO GOOD!



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