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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

At the beach

I love beach huts
sadly too expensive for us to have one
 We walked along the seafront at Portsmouth 
 We stayed at the older end, away from the crowds, I love the natural look of this end, all very wild, the benches and street lamps, plus loads of wool bombing. 
 We walked for about an hour, Fliss and hubby and I. 
The walking has done me loads of good, I feel so much better, and I am sleeping much better, I hope to get out my bike next week and start using it as well. No weight loss last week, but I do think my waist is shrinking. 
 A blast from the past, I still wear this top, I loved Etam, almost every thing they sold I loved, sadly this is the last item I own. There are still shops in France, we saw one when we were on holiday back in June. My other lost favourite shop was Richards. 
Lowspend/nospend September, been very good this week, just purchase bread and milk yesterday. We have had lovely meals, I made a blackberry and apple crumble yesterday, using picked blackberries and some soft eating apples, for the 1st time I used gluten free flour, it was really nice and had spare crumble which is now in the freezer. Tonight we are having Chicken Biryani, I prefer lamb, but we have ran out in the freezer. Tomorrow we are having corn beef hash, which we have not made in ages.
I did not make the scones for Fliss, so we still have that treat to come.
I have worn my new sandals every day, they are so comfortable, and with the cooler weather coming I am trying not to get into shoes and boots yet.
I have done no crafting or cross stitch, with busy days, walking in the evening and eating our main meal later, I just have no time. I am redoing my blog book for 2013, with the upgrades on this computer, I am not able to reinstate the book I saved. It's much quicker the second time around.
This afternoon we hope to go for a ride on the motorbike, and later a friend is popping in for coffee and a catch up.
Thursday I have an interview, fingers crossed, it would be nice to earn again, but I will miss my days at home.

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  1. Are beach huts for changing clothes/suits or are they used for more than that?



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