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Monday, 15 September 2014

Sunshine at the castle

I did manage to get some more of my Santa done
I am on a mission now, I have found another heart to stitch.
The link for Pintrest is here for pattern
 Fliss is a slower stitcher and does not have as much time as me. 
She has knitting on the go as well.
 Josh and Sam on the way to Portchester Castle for football and fun.
 Sam did not stop riding his bike, I think he is pleased to have his 1st bike, we did have to come off the grass so he could cycle on the paths, but mummy (Fliss) and Grancha played football with Josh. The castle grounds got busy as we were leaving, it was a nice warm sunny day yesterday.
 Back home Sam stayed outside, he was very quick to master his bike, riding standing up, bumping up and down from the decking, I remember Josh on this bike with the same big grin. He even rode to the park and kept his hat on whilst on the swings.
Lowspend/nospend September, I spent nothing yesterday, I did want a pot for my Lemon  plant, but found one in my shed, normally we would have gone to the garden centre and spent loads. Today I aim to buy just one thing some bean shoots and noodles for a stir fry tonight, I also have my annual hospital check up, so there will be a car park cost.
So far in September I have spent £155.38, which includes almost £50 on vets, so just over £100 on food, more than I hoped, but alot less than my normal spend.
I watched Doctor Who, 'Listen' last night, is it just me or has Peter Capaldi turned the Doctor into some one strange, I loved both David Tennant and Matt Smith, Matt Smith being my favourite Doctor ever!


  1. I agree with you on the Doctor Who, I am not a fan of Peter Capaldi and his facial contortions have done nothing to alter this. I think that Benedict Cumberbatch would have been good in the role. I watched the new Sunday night at the Palladian and cringed, Bruce and Jimmy wove their magic round the acts and were the gelling agents. I remember when my son, and my brothers had their first bicycles and almost wanted to take them to bed.

  2. Santa is looking good.

    Watched my 1st 12th Doctor this weekend . . not sure how I feel. I had a hard time accepting Matt Smith's light hearted Doctor, so this is a very different doctor from his child-like DOctor.

    My favorite . . . Tom Baker. Used to watch him and then Dave Allen At Large on our PBS station when I moved back home to teach. SOme of Dave Allen's sketches are still so vivid in my mind. I wish our PBS could/would get reruns of him . . his humor is so awesome :)

  3. Santa is looking good Marlene.




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