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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Animals and life in General

Not the sort of thing you expect to see in the High Street, 
it was even funnier when the traffic warden came along and made the owner move it to the car park whilst they were shopping. 
I was with Josh, Sam and Fliss, we popped into town for chocolate cake (just the boys) and a drink, then playtime in the kiddies fun park.
 We have started walking again after tea each evening,
it was part of the reason we moved here, having nice routes so close to home. 
Fliss is very energetic and is keen to get me cycling as well.
 Can you see the two dogs in the water, there were loads out last night, the shore is not at it's best when the tide is out, and to be honest it can also get a bit whiffy. With the lights from the Naval base dancing on the water, and the neat path to follow, we walked down toward Portchester Castle. 
On the plus side I have lost a couple of the pounds I put back on.
 My Avocado is coming along well, the leaves are much bigger and again more height. We had a warm chicken and avocado salad last night for tea, and I now have a new stone resting on wet kitchen paper to see if I can get roots to grow.
 I have finished the red on Santa.
next his face and shoes and then loads of white
 Kev gave me this book for Mothers day 2006,
 I have pulled it out to read a couple of his broadcast each day, which were about 15 minutes long, 
so just a nice pick up quick read book. 
The book I read on holiday 'Before I go to sleep', has just been released as a film with Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong, I can't wait to see it and I have every thing crossed they are true to the story.
Lowspend/Nospend September, still on plan, I got a few fresh items from Tesco on Monday, beansprout, rice noodles and my avocado, plus items gluten free for Fliss, if I remove the cost of Fliss special food, I spent £12. Yesterday I had my dental check up, so with the cost of parking I spent £19.50, the coffee was paid for by Fliss, next month will be an expensive coffee treat month. My shopping bill is going to start to rise, I am out of frozen and fresh veg, and I am only harvesting tomatoes from the garden, but I will still plan to use store cupboard and frozen items as much as I can. Hubby purchased a bunch on Sunflowers for £5, but I am not including them, as they were a surprise from his budget. I will post a photo, when they are open, I can't wait to see the beautiful sunshine colours.
Nothing planned for today, lazy day at home, I hope to spend an hour in the garden.
Going to make a fish Paella for tea tonight, Kev is not keen but Fliss loves it, hubby will get a nice omelette with tasty fillings, using every thing from the freezer and store cupboard.
Problems have started again with our mad catwoman next door, I will have a word with our community officer PC Bob, it has been quiet for a few months.


  1. I keep forgetting to tell you that I like your pictures at the top of the blog.

  2. well done on the weight loss :-)

  3. Hope you get you problem neighbour sorted. I had one, I got load of evidence and video footage that worked
    she couldn't deny what she did after that
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx



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