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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Garden fix

My Santa is coming along well,
There is alot of red stitching, 
 The pepper plants in one green house are behind, but still doing well, I have removed all the cucumber plants and pulled them forward to catch the sunshine, 
and tonight for the 1st time I have shut this greenhouse door. 
 I have planted some of my strawberry plants in the fruit bed, they are now much too big for the pots, I hope these will survive the winter, 
I have some young suckers in pots just in case. 
My Chocolate Cosmo has loads of buds, this was planted late, and has caught up well. 

Hubby in his garage, 
 My anniversary flowers are still about, the bunch is now much smaller.
It's been a very busy day here, I have been sorting inside, every thing has been taken from our spare bedroom, Fliss has moved back in with us for a while, she is packing her clothes away, it's a really sad time, but together as a family we can heal. For a while everything was piled in our sitting room, the house is tidy again, it is hard to find extra storage, we have so many good books, I hate to part with a good book, but they are tucked away for now.
I have also spent an hour in my garden, it's looking good again, just removing the plants which have gone over, things are not lasting as long as last year. It is the beauty of blogging you can check back and see where the garden was at this time.
Lowspend/nospend September, I just spent a small amount yesterday on posting a parcel, I won't say how much here but it was not a lot. Today we spent £34.89 Fliss has an intolerance to wheat so we purchased more than we intended, but I do want her to be able to have a choice on what to eat and we saved almost £9 on the 20% discount.
Tonight I hope to stitch, we won't see Su it's her birthday and they are going out for a meal, we are planning to have Josh and Sam over for most of tomorrow.


  1. No money . . . no need . . BUT, if you want to do something, one day, surprise me with another little hanging heart of some kind. I so love them and it would me so much :)

    Our "rouge" gourd in the front yard has turned out to be a "spaghetti squash" vine. Hopefully, the two on the vine won't have any bad parts on them so we can eat the harvest planted, randomly, by one of our visiting squirrels.

  2. I hope all works out for your young lady.



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