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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Down but not out

Yesterday was not a good day

I was out and about all day, I had an pre interview for an interesting role, this went really well so fingers crossed for an interview next week. Later a visit to our local job centre, which is a depressing place, a task which has to be done to enable my mortgage insurance to payout, as normal I get very little from the government, job seekers allowance for a few weeks and then we are on our own, what happens to all the taxes both hubby and I pay? hubby earns just over the threshold. 

Whilst in town, a quick pop to Wilko's, we always purchase our cleaning products there, and always when they are on offer, well £40 later, this is one area I need to work on, but with two cats who come in contact with the 20 next door. I was going to pass on most of the things we purchased, but hubby suggested this was false economy as in October we would miss the offers, we always purchase the same things and wait until they are 50% off.
Then a stop off at the vet's, cats need flea and worm drops, three months supply £48.97, something else we can't miss.
Plus the £2 for the car park, a bad day all round. On the plus side we have not purchased any food this week, we will need bread and milk, but hope to wait until tomorrow. Hubby works for the local Co-op, and on their pay day weekend (tomorrow, Sat and Sun), they are given double discount, 20% instead of ten. So what shopping we require will be done over the weekend, again just fruit, veg, bread and dairy. 
Coffee and chat was great last night, loads of laughter, both daughter have huge changes for the better happening soon, it's nice to see them both happy.
I have done no stitching, still very tired, Tuesday I caught up on recorded TV programmes, later I have a stitching friend popping in. I need to get Winter Watergarden under my skin again.


  1. I think I know what you mean about yesterday . . . I didn't have a bad day but a stressful one. I didn't think I had a post ready for today but, thinking about it, I might just have one now :(

  2. So sorry about all the stress. prayers and huggles.

  3. I hope today you awoke feeling much brighter.
    {big hug}

  4. Oh so sorry about yesterday - I hope you hear about your job soon. I think life is hard enough without added stress and everything seems to cost so much now. If the sun is out go and sit in your wonderful garden.



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