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Friday, 19 September 2014

Flowers before the rain

My Sunflowers are beginning to open
 Their colour and shapes are beautiful, they are with other pot plants in our sitting room, little balls of sunshine, they should last loads, can't wait to see them open. 
Our neighbour two door's down have loads of sunflowers in the back of their garden,
 planted as a living hedge at their bottom boundary. 
 Just a few of the many flowers in the back garden, this area is not so pretty now, but it's nice to see so many flowers in bloom. The centre flower is my late planted Chocolate Comos, now in bloom with loads of buds. These were taken before the huge thunder storm we had, loads a lovely rain for the garden.
 I spent the afternoon out yesterday, dangerous times, we popped to a local craft shop with a huge sale, I managed to resist. We then went to a garden centre, Haskins, I love this garden centre with shop, they has closed off a large section and were dressing for Christmas, will have to go back next month. But I did spend £9 on the items below, the 'Martins bar' is for my brother, part of his Christmas present. The Scone mix is for this weekend so Fliss can have a treat, I will make them and we can all have some, the gloves are for Sam so he can help me in the garden.
 When I got home both cats had missed me,
 they followed me around until I fed them,
 so maybe they were typical cats and just wanted feeding. 
I have stitched more on Santa, done loads of the white, I have his face to do and then the bottom of his trousers and shoes, should be done in a couple of days.
Josh and Sam came after school and had tea with us, Sam spent all his time with Grancha, loads of laughter.
Hubby is not well, has a bad throat, so just Fliss and I on our walk last night, we walked later and watched a nice sunset over the water.
This morning I woke up to the result of the Scottish referendum, and the No vote winning, to keep our union together. I am pleased to see we stay as a union, I do feel for all the Yes voters, the result was very close.
Nospend/Lowspend September, we need a quick trip to Lidl, we need rice, milk and bread plus a couple store things. I would like a new teapot so pop into Dunelm. We are still on track, our last night's meal was all from freezer and cupboard, same tonight. But the lack of general spending has made a huge impact on the bank balance, it is a bit scary how much we (me) spend on 'stuff'.
On the real plus, we have not snacked on any sweet things, I stopped buying yogurt, too much sugar, crisp too much fat, and chocolate is now a Sunday night treat, and I have lost more weight this week.


  1. We had a small shower overnight , just enough to lay the dust. I am pleased with the result of the vote. All it needs now is for the politicians to get off camera, stop pontificating and start to address some of the reasons that led up to this referendum.

  2. Your garden still looks pretty Marlene.




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