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Friday, 5 September 2014

Loads of cake

Another good harvest this week, 
This is the second picking this week for tomatoes, cucamelons and sweet peppers, plus my last two cucumbers
I have been nibbling Raspberries all week 
 Tomorrow we have been married for 28 years
we do not do wedding anniversary's
But hubby always buys me flowers. 
 I told my friends I was making cakes for our BBQ tomorrow, 
so Cat got us this anniversary cake, she pinched the photo from Facebook,
 and Steve got Kev is Red Velvet cake for his  birthday
I will still make another Pavlova with loads of soft fruits on.
 My last purchase in August arrived today, I will not be able to stitch it yet, I need a longer piece of linen, and can't purchase it until October, but I am working on Winter Watergarden, well I have not stitched it in the past couple of days, real life has gotten in the way.
I have cleaned the house top to bottom, which is silly, after tomorrow after everyone has gone it will be a mess again, but I do like everyone to arrive to a tidy place.
Tonight we are home together, tomorrow we will have loads staying over, including Sam and Logan, both are excited.
I have only spent money on our BBQ for tomorrow, most of the meats have come from our freezer, with loads of salad from the garden, and our gifts of cake, it is still a low spend event, normally we spend over £200.
Just a quick post tonight, photo's tomorrow.


  1. LOVELY veggies form your garden and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :)

  2. Your veggies look lovely and really like your cakes Marlene. Your flowers are gorgeous. Happy birthday to Kev and Happy anniversary to you both. Enjoy your barbq - hope the weather is okay xx



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