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Thursday, 4 September 2014

At the beach

Yesterday we went out on the bike, along the coast, Lee on the Solent, Stokes Bay and Gosport, all the beaches are shingle. You can see the Isle of Wight in the back ground, this is a busy stretch of water, it leads to Southampton Port.
 Looking towards Lee on the Solent, it was the last day of the school holidays, so the beach and the water was busy. 
 The Ferry from Portsmouth to Isle Wight. 
Back home, my front little garden is coming along well, these box plants I am hoping will form a solid low hedge around the bigger plant, I keep snipping the growth to ensure they thicken up. It's a hard spot to grow anything, this corner of the house gets most of the bad weather, and I fight to keep the neighbours cats from messing here.
 I noticed this morning my Avocado stone had a bit of mould forming on the stone, so I decided to pot it up, ensuring the soil is very wet, more like mud than soil, fingers crossed it thrives. On the net where I am getting my growing instructions, they show this as the danger point when most die.
 My lemon plant has doubled in size, and will want a bigger pot soon, the Lime plant growth has slowed down, but it's still healthy. I love the colour of these leaves, so fresh.
My mind is full of our weekend BBQ, and keeping to Lowspend/Nospend September, we do have to pop to the supermarket today, but we have keep the list to a minimum, tomorrow I will be busy cooking.
So far this week I have spent £8 on food, just one visit to our local Co-op, normally our bill would be nearer £20. I have only spent £2.60 on parking my car today, I met a friend at lunch time, so feeling pleased with myself.

I have been experimenting with the header for this blog, I wanted to show some of my stitching, not an easy task, this is the best so far, I will have another go.
I have not stitched anything, my time has been spent with Kev, he's had all this week off, I hope to pick it up on Sunday.
Josh and Sam went back to school today, I will call them later to see if they enjoyed their first day, I have been so lucky this year to have had more time with them.


  1. What does "All the beaches were shingle" mean?

  2. The beaches are pebbles and not sand.

  3. Love the new header, stopped to have a look before I read your wording this post ... beach looks super.

  4. Love all your fruit seedlings, clever you to get them to germinate and I love your new heading.. I must try something like that myself but I am always so busy, I have just found the quilting pattern Shortcakes and as I have a jelly roll waiting to be used I might start that as well as the one I have on the go!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and no we didn't get chips from Beales, we do usually because Arthur Beale(owner) and I were in school together and when we went to different 'Big' schools, he did my Algebra and I did his French homework!!
    We played with all the other children there and I think at age 11 we kissed a few times!! OOOOO!!!LOL
    Happy days.. Chris

  5. Love your garden Marlene. Your new header looks nice too. You're doing an excellent with your little seedlings - definitely green fingered :) enjoy your barbq



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