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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Crafting WIP

Summer has left for this year and we are now in Autumn, much cooler weather, wearing socks not sandals, warm jumpers, snuggly evenings, we are now thinking of switching on the heating. I love this calendar made by Leslie Ann's Paintings, each month a different animal. More time inside means crafting....
I have finished the 1st design, I am enjoying this stitch along with Jo, I am hoping to regain my love of cross stitch, it's been years since I made anything, I am getting loads of satisfaction from these tiny neat stitches. I have a Christmas design I would love to finish last seen here. But 1st I have this to make, 12 days of Christmas.
I have done some more to daughter socks for her Christmas gift, I stitched up the finished sock and I have knitted more on the foot of this 2nd sock, it's just simple knitting now. 
A new start, another pram blanket, using my new yarn, purchased last month, I have a few of these to make, using the same yarn, so I plan to make different designs. I hope to have at least 4 to sell at the end of October to raise funds for our local Downs Syndrome group, who gives so much support to mummy, George and our families.  
I love the shades on these, the colour on the yarn does all the work. 
This basket sits beside my chair, it is to keep my crafting tidy and in one place, as always the basket is full, the pink babies dress is still on my round pins, I'm sure I will pick it up again soon, I would like to have it finished by the end of the month, it will be sold to raise funds. My cross stitching does not fit in this basket, so I keep it else where.
My sewing machine is still out, I have done a few repairs for hubby, and now I have my last task, I am using the last of the quilt fabric from making cot quilt covers for George, I am now making cot bumper covers, these will go around the bars in the side of his cot and stop him pushing his legs through. I will have enough of the bear fabric for the front side, I will use some old white quilt cover for the back bars, which sit along the wall. As we are not having many visitors to our home, my machine can sit on the table until everything is done. 
Nothing much has happened this week so far, my plants arrived from You Garden,  they arrived in very good condition and very much as described online, they are sat at the bottom of the garden, I hope to plant them later today. I was worried when I saw they were being delivered by Yodel, but the packaging was brilliant and the plants just required a small drink, I'm not paid to say this, it's just my views on a company doing a good job. 
Our little diversions (Will and George) are on holiday with mummy and daddy, so I have more time for crafting, and I am not so tired in the evenings, it's really satisfying to get so much done.

We went out for a meal with neighbours on Tuesday evening, staying local, it was a Hungry horse chain pub, so chips were on the menu, it was so enjoyable to be 'out'. I do not want to go into town, but felt really safe in the environment they have created, my only moan, why do they play music so loud, everyone was shouting to be heard, my friend is deaf, so it was almost imposable for her to hear anything, she had to lipread most of the night. We did enjoy the walk home, it was a cool crisp evening. 


  1. I love to see all the different projects which people are working on, it's fun having quite a few things on the go at once, you never get bored that way. You must finish the other Christmas cross stitch design you started, I remember you working on that, it will be lovely when it's finished.

  2. The cross stitch is lovely, please share the finished piece. And the socks are a beautiful colour too.
    Pleased for you that you managed a meal out, Poppy, I think we are all bored with cooking now :)

  3. Jo Through the Keyhole has just reminded me its 85 days till Christmas!! The cross stitch is lovely, well done.

  4. Your cross stitch is lovely. Yep, quite a shock to learn it's only 85 sleeps till Christmas.

  5. Very nice cross stitching happening.

    I am almost finished Harvey's Christmas sweater. Almost done the second sleeve. Then I will move on to more beeswax wraps and get some made for the sons for Christmas.

    God bless.

  6. Sounds like you have lots of crafting plans to keep you busy as the days draw in.
    Like you, I sometimes wonder why these places have to play their music so loud. Background music is fine, but blaring stops you enjoying the company of the people you are with.



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