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Wednesday, 24 April 2019


I was given this bunch of tulips for the house
I don't normally have them inside as they fade quickly
but the shades are beautiful
 It's tulip time in the garden, these from last year in my raised bed.
 These in a pot at the back of the garden
 They are stunning
Most of the red tulips by my back door are going over, I can only grow tulips in pots and my raised bed, they don't do at all well in our clay soil. Once the ones are finished in pots, I will transplant them to my raised flower bed infront of my greenhouse.
The garden is very mixed at this time of year, the last of the spring flowers are still in bloom, but the summer plants are not showing yet.
My Magnolia tree, still has loads of pink bloom, my acer is a beautiful deep red, my Peany has loads of buds, but they won't start to show for a few weeks yet. The fruit bushes are filling with flowers, I have hopes for a good crop this summer.
I have purchased a couple of grasses for the sink beside my Acer, I have another one on order, due sometime in May.
It's just a case of wait, wait and wait a bit more, I always have itchy fingers this time of year.
I follow a good blog An English Homestead, where Kev has a huge garden and some animals, he does a great job of teaching his children where their food comes from, he shares his knowledge of producing great food. He is also a wonderful carpenter, and has just started making things to sell, soon it will be June and Fathers day, have a look at his hand made items, all at a good price, I have hinted to hubby what I would love to own.


  1. You've got a lovely selection of tulips in your garden. Some of my tulips were planted by the previous owners and yet we've lived in this house for over twenty five years and they still come up strong year after year.

    1. Tulips rot in our garden, when I plant bulbs most of them don't come up, and if they do, there is a good chance they won't come up next year. We have very little in our garden when we moved in, just an overgrown rose bush.

  2. Your garden really is lovely. Ours is jogging along very slowly, but it'll all come into bloom of a sudden. We just got a load of new soil for the veg beds and any left over will replenish the flower beds. Best, Jane :)

  3. Beautiful tulips, I haven't bought any for in the house for a while as they tend to droop in the vase.
    I got my early tulips out of the post yesterday and will save them to plant again. I left some in the ground last year and they came back so the ones i planted by the path I will leave in. I've got very heavy clay soil too, although it's not too bad on the left hand side of the garden, it's almost impossible to dig into the right hand side.

    1. My garden is the same, one bed is rock hard and nothing I plant last longer than I season, I do have some shrubs and loads of bare soil.

  4. Your tulips look so nice, beautiful colours.

    All the best Jan

  5. Tulips seem to have done really well this year. Ours are still flowering well.

  6. The tulips are so pretty. I agree and I leave my tulips outside. Your last paragraph reminded me of something funny. I was teaching a 4th grade class of bright students. I asked them where soil came from and a young boy said it came from the KMart(A large discount type store here in the US). He was quite serious not being a joker at all. That really challenged my teaching skills!!

  7. Your tulips are just beautiful! Still waiting for mine - but the leaves look good and healthy.



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