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Wednesday, 17 April 2019


I have finished my Leftie shawl, a simple knit, which I really enjoyed making, so much so, I have ordered some pale blue/grey wool to knit another. Drops Nord is mixed fibres, 45% Alpaca, 30% Polyamide, 25% Wool, this mixture I can wear without too many problems. I have issues with the lanolin in pure wool.
I really want to be outside in the garden, but for me it's about 4 weeks to early, I plant most things from mid to late May. The sunshine give false signals, the nights are still cold.
My next project is to use all this yarn left over from my ripple blanket, I am not purchasing any extra, and I have varying amounts of each colour, I am going to make a simple granny blanket, using all of each colour even if I only have a partial round, until it's all gone, plus instead of starting with a square I am doing a oblong center, as seen here, just a bit of fun, hope to make a lap blanket.
Will was fun on Monday, we took him to our local park, the play area has been renewed, he loved the new layout and was running around with all the other children. We do feel lucky our council can afford to renew childrens playarea's, two have been done locally this year. Later Will slept for ages, mummy said he was up just after 5am, so it was a long morning for him. As always by home time, both hubby and I were ready for a rest, we had been out in the garden doing a few things, but it's still so dam cold.
Tuesday, I met with sign class, we are on half term, but met for coffee, next Tuesday we are going on a trip together, all getting on the same train from different stops, if it works it will be fun. We sat and chatted for a couple of hours, later did some more to my 2018 blog book, it's coming along well. Hubby was back in cardio section of our local hospital, just a small, succesful procedure, but I was home all afternoon, waiting for the call to collect him. I may have started knitting a pair of socks for hubby, I have a few different yarns for his socks.
Today we have plans to pop to town, later I have my hair cut booked, so a busy day, we are prepearing for the Easter long weekend.


  1. Beautiful scarf! I'm looking forward to seeing your stash blanket. Best, Jane x

  2. The shawl is so pretty and a nice way to keep your neck warm against these sharp winds at the moment. My daughter is very allergic to lanolin and has to avoid skin creams that contain it.
    We cannot plant out here until well into May which is annoying as the Sweet Peas just continue to grow in their little pots and will soon be touching the top of my mini greenhouse and curling over!

  3. It's amazing how tiring little people can be, it was all a doddle when we were younger, lol.
    the shawl came out great and looks good on you. I have lots of scraps of Stylecraft yarn and keep saying I'm going to start a scrappy blanket...perhaps one day. Have a lovely day out.

  4. Nice job with the shawl. Can't wait to see the blanket, that's a fun design.

  5. Such a beautiful shawl! The colours are just stunning.

  6. I think the shawl looks lovely.

    All the best Jan

  7. The shawl is beautiful and such a nice pattern. Glad to hear your husband's procedure went well. We have similar weather here and can't really put plants in the ground until the end of May.

  8. WOW! All I can say is that scarf is a WOWZA!



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