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Saturday, 27 April 2019

He did, she did

New decking started

Hubby ripped up the old decking at the back door, he had to replace a few bits to the frame, but was pleased most was still in very good condition, we removed loads of decking July 2013, now we are just replacing the top boards, keeping it the same size.
At this point I muttered, ' I have an idea', no he did not roll his eyes or sigh, 'can we replace the pots by the door with a raised bed', my thinking is no water running from pots onto new decking, he agreed it was a good point, so now I have a planter, we just need to line the inside to stop it rotting. I already have plants to fill it for summer and next spring, all the bulbs I was given for my birthday in November, I put into pots, so I will transplant them in here.
This is one of the smaller areas of the decking, but very important as we enter our house always via the back door.
Purdy photo bombing

I have spend most evenings knitting my shawl, it's a simple relaxing design, it should be finished soon, I won't be knitting another for a while. I have done more on my scrap oblong blanket, it's another simple craft to do.
I purchased the pale fabric above, I have not added the cost to my stash list, this is for household use, and therefore not for my hobby, I hope to get the sewing machine out soon.
I am sorting wool for a baby cot blanket in shades of pink, I will make a ripple like I made for Will, I really enjoy crochet these smaller blankets.
I'm doing very little in the garden, picking up Magnolia petals from the lawn, the cooler weather is nice, but we still have not had enough rain, I am hoping my rain butts will be filled soon, but I think it's more hope than anything else.


  1. The decking is looking good and the planter is a great idea, it'll be lovely and colourful right outside your door once you get it planted up. I really like the colours you've chosen for your shawl, it looks like Purdy has got her eye on it, and it's nice to have a simple project like the crochet blanket to work on in between other things. You're very welcome to some of our rain, it's pouring down here today.

  2. A great idea the wooden planter is, i'll look forward to seeing it filled with lovely things and await a pic of that!

  3. Your deck looks great - how wonderful that your husband is handy and willing to do the work! The planter will be lovely, I'm sure.

  4. Love the look of your deck and a good idea for a planter!

    All the best Jan

  5. Purdy makes me happy. When the deck gets finished, could you post a last year and this year pix for us?



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