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Saturday, 20 April 2019

New starts

Socks for hubby
 2nd Leftie shawl using a blue/grey wool and swapping the orange for red.
 Succulents seeds, already showing tiny shoots.
Thursday was a beautiful warm day, we got the larger water butt, next to the garage, I had to dig up some lillies, I have popped them back into the garden, split into 4 places.
Our decking planks arrived, I think hubby has ordered too many, he got the longer length, so less joins, but did not factor in needing less. We do have plans for some, and the others we will try and send back.
I loved being outside in the warm sunshine, I trimmed back loads of shrubs, and everywhere got a good watering from the old smaller butt. Hubby has ordered a stand and will set it up next to the kitchen widow along the drive, just outside our gates, I have doubled my stored water, but until it rains (I know I'm sorry), I will need to be careful.
We wanted fish and chips for tea, the shop was shut so had pizza, as a treat, and cider shandys, it's so lovely to have summer weather over the long weekend.
Friday, boring housework and hubby ironing, but it's all done, we changed the bed and did the mats in our showerroom, so everywhere clean. We went to B&Q, hubby needed a few bits, and then on to our daughters house, to see daddy and Will, we love seeing this little family together. Had our 1st mini BBQ of the year.
My brother is due later today, hubby has been to Lidl and got a few things, so we are ready for the rest of the weekend, he has asked for a BBQ for tonight.
We are having a family lunch on Sunday, mummy, daddy and Will are coming over, we plan a Easter egg hunt in the garden for Will.


  1. Yes, the weather's been glorious here too, just a pity I'm working all weekend. We've been so busy in the garden that I've not had time to do any crochet! We've cleaned the car inside and out and managed to have a few strolls around the neighbourhood. Our water butt is empty. Have a lovely weekend. Best, Jane x

  2. Sounds like you've had full and happy days. No one can ask for more. It's so nice to have family you love close by and be able to see them and enjoy your time together. We have had lots of rain since yesterday, but are quite happy with it as we just planted 18 new shrubs lining our driveway. Now we're ready for some sunshine!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and really enjoy Will, the egg hunt, and lots of happy family time.



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